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Basketball Play - 53 Quick

53 Quick

Kyle Gilreath 06/10/2013

Late in the 2nd quarter of Game 2 of the NBA Finals, the MIami Heat ran this pick & roll play for Lebron James which led to an open 3-pointer for Ray Allen. The spacing by the Miami Heat made this very difficult to guard. The Spurs were forced to defend Lebron on the pick which led to Ray Allen's defender rotating down to help Lebron found him easily on the wing. See More

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Basketball Play - Regular


John Leonzo 06/01/2013

Here is a set play that was run often by the Pitt Panthers over the course of this last college basketball season. This play starts off with a basic flex action and then develops into a back screen for a lob opportunity and then finishes with a screen the screener action to get an open three. This play is great because the ball is changing sides of the floor, you have action going to the basket and away from the basket, and also flows right out of transition. See More

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Basketball Play - Flare - On Ball Special

Flare - On Ball Special

Randy Brown 05/29/2013

1 receives staggered flare screens from 2 and 4. First option is skip pass to 1 for open three pointer. Second option is to reverse to 2 and on ball screen by 4. 2 can penetrate and pitch to 1 on left wing. Also, 1 can clear to right corner, leaving the left side open for two-man game between 2 and 4. Give it a try! See More

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Basketball Play - Quick Rip

Quick Rip

Kyle Gilreath 05/23/2013

The Miami Heat ran this Quick Hitter last night versus the Indiana Pacers which gave them two different looks throughout the game. Norris Cole did an excellent job creating an angle towards the rim. This made the defense shift to help in the paint an opened up both looks. See More

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Basketball Play - X


Lance Foreman 05/21/2013

This play is designed for an undersized team. Took this from a scout on a non-conference opponent that was in the NJCAA top 10 in the country in points per game this past season. Our opponent played a fast-paced game similar to Iona in the past years. See More

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Basketball Play - Back


John Leonzo 05/19/2013

Here is a box set that gives you a an opportunity to take advantage of a mis-match by going to an ISO for 1 on the weak side attacking off the flat ball screen or to throw back to 3 for a three point shot. This is an effective quick hitter to take advantage of various matchups or to get a quality shot quick in an end of clock situation. See More

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Basketball Play - Flood


Randy Brown 05/19/2013

This play offers three good looks to score. First option is 1 using the on ball screen to penetrate into the paint to scroe. Two, 3 gets open with screens from 2 and 5. On 3's catch, 5 continues across the lane to screen for 2 for quick shot. Additional action can be designed if 1 reverses to 4. Give it a try! See More

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Basketball Play - Triple - Flare - Cross

Triple - Flare - Cross

Randy Brown 05/19/2013

This is a two option play for a shooter and a posting 3. Starts in triple stack and dribble out to right wing by 1. Ball reversal to 5 signals a 4-2 flare screen. On the catch by 2, if no shot or bounce possible, 4 screens across for 3 to catch and score or post up and score. Give it a try! See More

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Basketball Play - Mavericks Dirk Iso

Mavericks Dirk Iso

Jacob Collins 05/19/2013

This is the last counter in a series that the Dallas Mavericks used against the Miami Heat in their title run in 2011. Rick Carlisle does an excellent job of recognizing the strengths of the players that he has on the floor and taking advantage of those strengths. In this play sequence Jason Kidd is the (1), JET Jason Terry is the (2), Shawn Marion is the (3), Dirk is the (4), and Tyson Chandler is the (5). This set is a great example of getting your best scorers. Dirk (4) and Jason Terry (2) in position to do some damage. See More

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Basketball Play - Power


John Leonzo 05/18/2013

Here is a set that has been used effectively by Butler University over the past few seasons. The concept of this play is similar to Americas play, just in this set there is a stagger back screen set for the post as opposed to a simple cross lane screen. This has been a great set for Butler and hopefully you can find it to be effective as well! See More

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