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Basketball Play - YSU Cycle for 3

YSU Cycle for 3

Kevin Bruinsma 01/30/2015

Down 3 last night at Detroit we diagramed this play in a timeout to free up our best 3 point shooter while giving our PG the chance to drive it 1 on 1 with the entire side of the floor cleared for him. It forced Detroit to overhelp, and led to a wide open 3-pointer which we hit to send the game into overtime. The 5 sprinting up and acting like he was going to set a screen before he set the second screen of the stagger was a great touch as Detroit "Downs" ball screens. The stagger was successful and our 2 was able to drive it to force Detroit to help even more before kicking it out. The extra passes led to a wide open jumper. See More

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Basketball Play - Green Bay Roll & Replace Backdoor

Green Bay Roll & Replace Backdoor

Kevin Bruinsma 01/29/2015

Before you break down this play's design you need to understand the motive and validity of the action. Green Bay's best player is #24 Keifer Sykes. Most likely #24 Sykes will be playing in the pros next year after he wins Horizon League Player of the Year. Because of his abilities he is always over played in attempt to deny him the ball, especially a team like Detroit that thrives on pressure and getting into passing lanes. Because of that this play was so effective. By placing the 5 man on the perimeter they removed Detroit's big from the back side help, and by rolling and replacing they delayed the help side. I also like how they used their three man #4 Fouse as the passer knowing he needed to dribble and make a good pass to #24 Sykes. See More

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Basketball Play - Detroit's Wing Iso

Detroit's Wing Iso

Kevin Bruinsma 01/28/2015

A play 100% designed to isolate your more athletic or stronger 4 man on the side of the floor. Detroit utilizes #2 Juwan Howard Jr. in multiple ways but he's at his best when he can play 1 on 1 basketball. Detroit isn't a team that runs a ton of offense but they push it hard in transition and attempt to create mis-matches thru blowing the ball up the floor. After transition their best offense is finding different ways to isolate players on the floor, in this case #2 Howard. He gets the switch in the ball screen and then all of the help on the back side is guards. With his strength & quickness he can power it up over smaller defenders. See More

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Basketball Play - Zipper


Andrew Lacey 01/27/2015

We use a lot of ball screens in our basic offensive movement to create advantages for easy scoring opportunities. Here is a simple Box Set alignment that utilitizes downscreens and cross screens to get the defense moving before setting the ball screen at the top of the key. See More

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Basketball Play - Ballgame!


Justin Scanson 01/26/2015

This set was run by Wayne Tinkle nad the Oregon State Beavers 12/18/14 near the end of a huge first half vs. Depaul. What makes this play work is that #30 Schaftenaar had the hot hand and the play had the look of a post clearout. X1 and X4 have a miscommuncation, Gary Payton II has a lob dunk, and BALLGAME!!! See More

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Basketball Play - Michigan Swing Cut

Michigan Swing Cut

Kevin Bruinsma 01/26/2015

While going thru the game I was really impressed by Michigan’s first offensive play call out of half time, it involved great spacing, driving lanes, and the ball switching sides of the floor. The action forced Detroit to put multiple guys in rotations to protect the rim, guard a handoff, defend the drive, and recover to shooters. See More

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Basketball Play - Pittsburgh Stagger

Pittsburgh Stagger

Kevin Bruinsma 01/24/2015

Tied 72-72 with under 20 seconds left to play Pittsburgh ran a stagger action that free’d up #3 Cameron Wright for a wide open mid-range jumper to win the game. #3 Wright missed the shot, but Pitt went on to defeat Horizon League member Oakland in overtime. A small part to this action that I really liked was when the 1 passed the 4 man as he navigated down to the block the 4 showed his hands to the 5 man at the elbow as if he was expecting a pass for a shot. Even if he wasn’t an option in the play his attention to detail caused his man to at least play him as a threat which created a better angle for his pin down screen for the 1 man. See More

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Basketball Play - Pass Reversal Option

Pass Reversal Option

Randy Sherman 01/20/2015

The Oklahoma Sooners have one of the best transition attacks in college basketball. They often attack out of their primary break with either drives or threes. In their secondary action Oklahoma at times uses a pass to the trailing post as one of their options. That triggers this handoff into a baseline stagger. See More

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Basketball Play - KORVER 3PT


Jens Hakanowitz 01/20/2015

This is one out of Coach Budenholzer's playbook. A set designed to give Kyle Korver a shot from the 3-point line. Korver sets multiple screens before going on his way to get open. This makes his defender tired and tough for him to trail. See More

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