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Basketball Play - Scissors (1-4 look)

Scissors (1-4 look)

null null 08/05/2013

This is a common play in our area of Northwest Ohio that I'm sure is used in college and pro's. This play is great because it is designed to for a high post entry, and a "scissor" cut with 2 guards. You can get good looks for 3's off the scissor cut and double screen. This play also offers a chance to enter to the post player with a double screen and post entry, or the big can fake handoff to both players, and have a high post isolation. See More

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Basketball Play - High KD Drive

High KD Drive

Adam Spinella 08/02/2013

High KD Drive is an option read half-court set for both Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. The Thunder ran this several times with James Harden at the 2. It is designed to give Durant the primary option to score, and if the opportunity presents itself based on how the defense plays Durant, Westbrook will have the green light to drive to the basket. See More

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Basketball Play - Uno and Uno Counter

Uno and Uno Counter

Jacob Collins 08/02/2013

With the endless talk of Football on ESPN these days its hard to escape the pigskin, but I think there are a lot of things we can learn from Football Coaches. The use of misdirection is key in the game of football and under-utilized in the game of basketball. The first set is what our team calls "Uno" because it is a play for our 1 man. You will notice that it is a common action and either you or someone in your league probably runs this play. The second play is just a counter to the action, a misdirection play based on how the defense is playing you. See More

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Basketball Play - Slice Read Option

Slice Read Option

Adam Spinella 07/23/2013

Last season in Cleveland, Byron Scott ran this play so he could get Kyrie coming off a re-screen action and to let Dion Waiters have the chance to work in isolation at the top of the key. When the Cavs would go small and put Wayne Ellington at the 3, defenses would have a tough time chasing their shooters off the perimeter and wrestling in the post against Thompson and Speights. See More

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Basketball Play - Wing ISO Post Curl

Wing ISO Post Curl

Adam Spinella 07/20/2013

This was a play I saw the Pacers run against the Miami Heat in Game Three of the Eastern Conference Finals. It got Roy Hibbert a wide open shot near the rim, but before that action took place, Paul George started to back down his man in the post on an empty side, indicating an isolation option for George. Coach Frank Vogel drew up a great play here to get his two best offensive players good looks in the same action. See More

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Basketball Play - Miami Post Iso

Miami Post Iso

Kevin Bruinsma 07/19/2013

One of the few plays not for #6 Lebron James that the Miami Heat utilized to get #1 Chris Bosh a post iso. Using him as a screener to free up #34 Ray Allen and then clearing #3 Dwayne Wade out as a decoy every single Miami player was outside the 3 point arc leaving the lob to #1 Bosh wide open. See More

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Basketball Play - Rub Pop Dirk

Rub Pop Dirk

Adam Spinella 07/11/2013

This was a play run at one time by the Dallas Mavericks in their 2011 NBA Championship run. The plan was to get Dirk and Kidd in a ballscreen read situation where Dirk could isolate at one of two spots on the floor and have proper spacing around him. See More

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Basketball Play - Heat SLOB Elbow Catches

Heat SLOB Elbow Catches

Kevin Bruinsma 06/26/2013

The Miami Heat do a fantastic job of getting the ball to the elbow in pressure/clutch situations. Here are two plays the Heat ran against the Indiana Pacers in the ECF from the Sideline out of bounds to get elbow catches. One entry turns into their most successful play the FT Line Back Screen two man game between Wade & Bosh with Lebron having the ball. The other set was how Miami won G1 as Lebron had an isolation from the elbow. See More

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Basketball Play - High Post Clear

High Post Clear

Randy Brown 06/15/2013

This clear out play can be used to score quickly in three ways. One, as 3 and 5 clear to the right side, 4 catches at elbow and drives left to open side to score. Second option is hand off from 4-1 for penetration by 1. If 4 fakes the hand off, 3 comes out of th corner using screens from 2 and 5. Give it a try! See More

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Basketball Play - Back


John Leonzo 06/11/2013

Here is a set that Butler ran often for Gordon Hayward (3 in this set) to get him an ISO opportunity on his favorite side of the court. 2 cutting hard off of the stagger screen is essential so that x3 helps, giving 5 a great opportunity and angle to flare 3 out to the wing. Misdirection feel of this play by having all of the action go to the weak side up until the point of the flare from 5 also helps make this an effective set. See More

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Basketball Play - Iso Right

Iso Right

Randy Brown 05/31/2013

This play uses false screening action to set up a right side isolation opportunity for 3. On 1's dribble out to left wing, 3 uses 4-5 screen to get open on top. On the catch, 2 cuts under basket to left corner. 4 and 5 screen for 2 to occupy their defenders as 3 drives down the lane to score one on one. Give it a try! See More

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Basketball Play - High Post Isolation

High Post Isolation

Dana Beszczynski 05/30/2013

This was a nice action run by John Beilein against the Syracuse 2-3 Zone On the wing pass, the Zone is forced to make decisions on priority coverage In this situation, x4 got caught and 5 was able to hit 4 on the baseline for an easy lay-up - in the next sequence when this play was run, the defense adjusts, but this time 5 is free for an elbow jumper See More

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