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Basketball Play - Houston Rockets Short Corner Post ISO

Houston Rockets Short Corner Post ISO

Wes Kosel 03/17/2015

Here is a play from the Houston Rockets that they use to get an open look in the post or short corner. The play starts with players 1-3 on the perimeter and 4 at the top of the key. 4 moves towards 1 to set a ball-screen. The purpose of the ball-screen in this play is to force 5's defender (X5) into help position on penetration. Once the point guard reads that X5 is helping over, he can pitch the ball out to 2 on the wing and 2 looks inside to 5 posting up. Once 5 has the ball, he has a choice to take his man middle or drive baseline. With either option, the rest of the players on the floor know exactly where to cut depending on which direction 5 drives. See More

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Basketball Play - Georgia Chin Shuffle

Georgia Chin Shuffle

Adam Spinella 03/16/2015

Georgia coach Mark Fox has done a fantastic job turning around a Bulldog program that has been towards the bottom of the SEC for the better part of a decade. Now securing an at-large birth to the NCAA Tournament, Fox is finally getting some well-deserved recognition, in particular for his offense. Fox employs a lot of high post actions, raising his big men to the elbows and the three point line to open driving lanes and take away help at the rim. The multitude of dribble handoffs that Georgia runs keeps defenses honest, and the speed at which they run them makes them dangerous offensively. One of the most impressive sets I saw Fox and his team run during their second game of the year against Kentucky was a variation of the Chin offense that split into the shuffle offense. By moving the ball side-to-side several times, the defense was forced to shift and move by reacting to the player and ball movement. The shuffle offense is effective because it allows a post-up opportunity with great spacing; Fox’s set drops the trailer or the 4-man to the block for what can be a mis-match post. See More

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Basketball Play - Release


Adam Spinella 03/16/2015

Coach Krzyzewski has had some fantastic post players over the years. From Elton Brand to Jahlil Okafor, Christian Laettner to Shelden Williams, all these players could convert at an extremely high percentage in a post-isolation situation. Coach K, in keeping with an up-tempo style of offense, got the ball into the post quickly for a clear-out situation in a play he's run for years called "release". This is a great action for a team with a dominant post scorer. If you teach 5 to engage in contact as soon as his man helps off the flex screen, he can get great, deep scoring position and have a chance to get to the free throw line or bang in a layup. See More

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Basketball Play - UNC Tar Heels Primary Break

UNC Tar Heels Primary Break

Randy Sherman 03/12/2015

The Primary Break is most effective when there are clearly defind roles. There is ONE outlet target. There is ONE inbounder on an opponents made FG. The three players not involved in this should SPRINT in their lanes and get to top speed within the FIRST THREE STEPS. Evaluate this on film with every rebound and made FG. Outlet tips: The outlet target gets wide with his/her butt to the sideline on the same side of the rim as the rebounder Catch the outlet high and wide and on the run If denied, sickle cut across the ball. On made FG, the designated inbounder gets ball out of net and steps out of bounds to inbound as quickly as possible. Practice this! Pass can go directly from 1 to 5 on the rim run 2 sprints to the dead corner to make the defense recover 94 feet Look to "pitch ahead" after one or two dribbles, if you can't, the point guard should "dribble through the wake" made by the recovering defense. 5 posts his man in the paint in transition! See More

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Basketball Play - Boomerang Quick

Boomerang Quick

Kyle Gilreath 03/11/2015

The Dallas Mavericks ran this quick hitter in transition last night vs the Cleveland Cavaliers. This boomerang action is excellent to run vs teams that are very good pick & roll defenders. *Boomerangs are actions that quickly change flip back to the same side with an immediate return pass. Learn more about them from Kevin Eastman HERE. See More

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Basketball Play - Line Back

Line Back

Kyle Gilreath 03/11/2015

Last night with 2.7 seconds on the shot clock, the Dallas Mavericks ran this baseline out-of-bounds play vs the Cleveland Cavaliers. While the resulting shot wasn’t great, I really love this action. The secondary screening action on the back side open up two several scoring options while pulling the defense away from the rim with the main action. 3 has a look has a look if the defense gets caught and 4 and slip back to the ball after screening for a lay-up. See More

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Basketball Play - Motion Breakdowns - 2/2 With A Coach

Motion Breakdowns - 2/2 With A Coach

Randy Sherman 03/10/2015

First completely "live" drill in motion offense teaching progressions. Once you have installed the four cuts, downscreens, shallow cuts and flare screens put the motion offense fundamentals to the test with this live drill. Coach is the passer. Player beginning the drill in the high elbow is the screener throughout the possession. Correct poor timing and incorrect reads immediately. At any time during the possession a player can pass to coach and the two offensive players set screening action. Empasize the second cutter concept. Coach can pass to screener or cutter off downscreens or flare screens. Coach can force rescreens by not passing to the action. Drill is run on one side of the floor at a time. Drill consists of action off of downscreens, flares, slips, rescreens, cuts. No excessive dribbling ball screens. Coach is always open! Use them and score with action. Put your roster in pairs with one screener and one cutter and play for 8:00 (4:00 on each side of the floor) You come into the drill on defense with your partner. To get to offense, you have to get a stop, rebound and outlet to coach. Rotate from defense to offense. If you score you stay and new pair comes in on defense. The drill begins with pass from high elbow (1) to coach. Emphasize basket cut into the downscreen. Variations/Restrictions: Instead of passing to coach, start with a shallow cut. Pass to coach, make a deep basket cut, wing fills the high elbow setting up flare screen. Only a second cutter (screener) can score. See More

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Basketball Play - Billy D Triple-Double

Billy D Triple-Double

Andrew Greer 03/10/2015

Billy Donovan ran this Triple Stagger Screen set 3/7/15 vs. Kentucky. This set allows for two shooters to get multiple opportunities to use stagger screens to find open shots. The stagger screens come in three different locations and create different angles for shooters. See More

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