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Basketball Play - Houston Rockets Turn 4 Flare

Houston Rockets Turn 4 Flare

Craig LeVasseur 05/12/2015

Houston used this play in the 1st Round of the NBA Playoffs against the Dallas Mavericks for a Josh Smith to Dwight Howard lob. This simple Turn 4 set gives Smith good positioning for a post up, and the flare option for Trevor Ariza is always available to keep the defense honest. A 4-5 pick and roll is a difficult enough play to defend, but moving the screen down to the block confuses the coverages even more than usual. In this play the defense commited to the pick and roll too soon, and Howard spun out of the pick for a lob pass. See More

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Basketball Play - Houston Rockets Big-Big Drag

Houston Rockets Big-Big Drag

Craig LeVasseur 05/12/2015

This is a very basic early offense option that Houston used against Dallas in the 1st round of the NBA Playoffs. The drag screen typically involves the point guard and one or both bigs, but here Josh Smith is the ballhandler and coming off of a screen from Dwight Howard to his strong left hand. The NBA 4 man is not used to defending the ballhandler in a P/R, and Howard rolls hard to the rim always looking for a lob, making this an extremely difficult cover for the defense. Shooters are spread in the corners to limit the ability of help defenders. See More

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Basketball Play - Houston Rockets "Elbow Get"

Houston Rockets "Elbow Get"

Gibson Pyper 05/07/2015

The Houston Rockets have hurt teams alot this postseason by utilizing their power forwards as Pick & Roll ballhandlers and forcing the opponents two big men to both defend the Pick & Roll. They have used Josh Smith & Terrance Jones to create easy buckets against both the Mavericks and now the Clippers. They opened up Game 2 with this set and scored multiple times against the Mavericks. The Atlanta Hawks also utilized this set against the Wizards, getting an easy lob. This set was made famous by the Phoenix Suns 7 Seconds or Less offense, naming it "Elbow Get" as they utilized Diaw & Shawn Marion to score off of it often. Rockets get the ball to the power forward at the elbow (or lane line extended) and have Dwight Howard set a ballscreen and roll to the rim. See More

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Basketball Play - Duke On-Ball Back Screen

Duke On-Ball Back Screen

Kevin Bruinsma 04/24/2015

Duke ran this play to free up Winslow going to the rim and once the ball is reversed it turns into a post iso for him. Okafor screws the play up by not moving to the weak side block, but Duke ends up getting a basket on a post move from Winslow. If Okafor would have slid over to the opposite block and ducked his man in, Winslow would have had a lob dunk after the back screen from the point guard. See More

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Basketball Play - Reno Big Horns Back Screen Spread

Reno Big Horns Back Screen Spread

Wes Kosel 04/08/2015

The play starts in a 2-guard front with all five players above the free-throw line. With a reversal of the ball and a cut from 3 to the left corner, the team creates an overload on the left side which opens up the initial back-cut and lob option to 4. If 4 isn't open, he clears out as 5 dribbles across the floor looking to pass to 1 cutting to the basket. David Stockton has had success making the back-cut on this play. See More

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Basketball Play - Duke Zone Over the Top

Duke Zone Over the Top

Wes Kosel 04/03/2015

This play was used eary in the game against Robert Morris and resulted in a foul down low as Okafor went up for a shot off of the hi/lo pass. Coach K does a great job creating an overload that forces Robert Morris to spread out and leave 1 defender on Okafor under the basket. Okafor seals the middle man in the zone and looks for the pass over the top. In the game, x4 could have helped on the lob pass but was stuck anticipating that the ball would be pass to Tyus Jones for a 3-point shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Shocker Rip Stagger

Shocker Rip Stagger

Craig LeVasseur 03/26/2015

Wichita State ran this set around the 10:00 mark of the first half in their NCAA matchup against Notre Dame, resulting in a 3pt basket. This play features multiple scoring options, with a backscreen lob option for 1, a ballscreen for the 2, and a stagger screen for the 3, not to mention opportunities for the bigs to slip on any screen. See More

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Basketball Play - Texas ATO Swing

Texas ATO Swing

Wes Kosel 03/19/2015

Texas used this play after a time-out in the first half. I'm always a fan of having multiple scoring options in a play, and Rick Barnes does a great job giving his team several looks at good shots in this one. The play starts with a ball reversal (1 swinging the ball to to 4 to 3). The play gets open looks off of a down screen, back-screen, and ball-screen. Texas should come back to this play and look for the lob on the back-screen with their long wings. See More

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Basketball Play - "BLUE"


Randy Sherman 02/19/2015

Duke set they've been running since the Elton Brand, Shane Battier, Sheldon Williams, Jay Williams, JJ Redick days. Ran tonight vs. UNC. Look for lob after side is cleared out Then hi-lo action or a high ball screen looking to turn corner and draw defender. See More

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Basketball Play - Oakland Overload

Oakland Overload

Kevin Bruinsma 02/10/2015

Oakland has made a commitment this season to throwing the ball in to the post to one of the best centers in the league #42 Corey Petros. Their offense has evolved from a dribble drive offense with moments of the Dick Bennett “Movers & Blockers” offense which we actually ran a bit during my time at Portland. Valparaiso has always doubled big to big on post entries so Oakland must have added a play to their arsenal before playing this game. The irony of it is they took the play from Valpo who has been running the overload play for years and added one wrinkle. With the guards cleaning out it opens up the over top lob pass for the 5 if they front. With the flare screen for the 1 it puts the PG as the only back side help and he is guarding the flare cut. When the ball goes into #42 Petros the 4 man #4 Hayes dives right to the rim as his man doubles the center. The only person on that side of the floor available to help is the point guard who is no match-up for a 6’8 power forward. See More

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Basketball Play - Michigan State-Curl

Michigan State-Curl

Jake Presutti 03/21/2014

This was a half court set Michigan State ran in the Big Ten Conference Championship game. The first option was for Travis Trice coming off a down screen. Michigan State will then set a back screen for their point guard, looking for a lob at the rim. The ball will then be passed into the post (Adreian Payne). Michigan State will then set a cross screen for Gary Harris, who will curl looking to receive a pass going to the rim. See More

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Basketball Play - Jayhawk


Alan Peel 03/21/2014

Quick hitter that was used for a lob dunk in the Kansas-Oklahoma State game by Kansas on March 13. For more, check out the website, sign up for a membership, and get your first 30 days free. See More

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