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Basketball Play - Robert Morris Elbow Strong Double

Robert Morris Elbow Strong Double

Craig LeVasseur 03/19/2015

Here is another common NBA set that Robert Morris ran in the 2nd half against North Florida. Out of a Horns look, Robert Morris ran this Elbow strongside split action where 3 curled on the pin down and 1 bumped back to receive a DHO from the 5 man. A good screen from the 1 man set up a great double pin down by 4 and 2, which took out x3 and resulted in a wide open 3 pointer. See More

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Basketball Play - Olympiacos Handoff

Olympiacos Handoff

Fabian McKenzie 01/13/2015

5 pops to catch pass from 1 1 passes to 5 and slowly cuts inside 2 begins to sprint out of corner 5 initiates a dribble handoff with 2 1 turns to prepare for screen 4 steps up to set ball screen 2 receives handoff and blasts off of ball screen set by 4 3 cuts up to wing to receive pass from 2 After 5 hands off to 2, 1 sets a diagonal screen sending 5 to the rim See More

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Marc Skelton 12/01/2014

It was going to impossible for teams to stop Kyrie Irving and LeBron James. With the addition of Kevin Love the Cavs look to be the favorites in the Eastern Conference. Here is a play coach David Blatt ran in Israel. Coach Nick at BBALLBREAKDOWN called this "Flying Death Machine" See More

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