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Basketball Play - Xavier Musketeers - Horns Rub Quick Hitter

Xavier Musketeers - Horns Rub Quick Hitter

Dustin Cooper 01/22/2019

A very simple but effective set out of the Horns formation. You may think this will never work, but the proof is in the video below! This was a staple out of Chris Mack's Horns series when he was at Xavier. I like this action because even if the initial action is guarded, you can seemlessly flow into another Horns action like flex, 45 ball screen, etc. Click for more Horns sets! Free Playbook - NCAA Horns See More

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Basketball Play - Toronto Raptors - Horns 4 Iso

Toronto Raptors - Horns 4 Iso

Cooper Smither 01/11/2019

With Nick Nurse taking over as the Head Coach of the Toronto Raptors for the 2018-19 season, he introduced a myriad of new plays and actions to the offense that he reportedly had a significant influence over during Dwane Casey's previous tenure. This play, loosely out of Horns formation, leverages the unique skillset of Toronto's emerging star in Pascal Siakam. By creating a large gap for Siakam to attack the closeout, and clearly scripting the play in a manner that Siakam is instructed to make the catch "on the run," Toronto has been able to score effectively on this simple action. Click here for Plays of the Week - Unlocking the NBA's Top Offense! See More

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