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Basketball Play - Kansas Jayhawks - Horns Zipper Weave Duck

Kansas Jayhawks - Horns Zipper Weave Duck

Dave Nedbalek 11/09/2018

This is great action to get a spread ball screen with lots of midline movement, and then also a chance for a deep post up. Kansas opened up its Champions Classic game vs Duke with this set, and runs this with great pace and execution, however it is well defended by the Blue Devils. A key point is the skip pass before the post entry. If the help side defender is tagging on the post, then skip and immediately enter the ball like Kansas does. On the FMS Blog: NCAA Preseason Top 25 XsOs - Teams 1-5 See More

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Basketball Play - Ball State - Horns Diagonal

Ball State - Horns Diagonal

null null 10/15/2018

This is an outstanding horns set to use after a timeout, to being a quarter or if you are in need of a score! This action uses a "little" on "big" screen which negates the defense from being able to switch. If it does switch, you will have a HUGE advanatage with deep post position. See More

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