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Basketball Play - Shocker ATO Horns FLEX

Shocker ATO Horns FLEX

Randy Sherman 03/20/2015

Leading 76-74 with 53.5 seconds remaining, Wichita State ran this set after a timeout to push the lead to four points. They "screen their way into" a horns set, set a backscreen for the point guard who screens for 3 in Flex action. 5 got it in to 3 to put the Shockers up by four with 40 seconds remaining. See More

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Basketball Play - Georgia Flex Double

Georgia Flex Double

Craig LeVasseur 03/20/2015

This is another option that Georgia ran out of their Flex set against Michigan State in the NCAA Tournament. Very early in the game, the Bulldogs caught MSU sleeping and hit 2 on the Flex screen for an easy score. Later they ran the play again and brought 2 off of a double down screen after MSU defended the Flex cut much better. See More

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Basketball Play - S.F. Austin High Flex/Dribble Handoff

S.F. Austin High Flex/Dribble Handoff

Andrew Greer 03/20/2015

Stephen F. Austin ran this early offense almost exclusively in the first half of their Round 2 matchup with Utah. Utah switched all screens which caused issues for the Lumberjacks but they were still able to get quality shots. This early offense uses flex concepts to clear one side of the floor for a dribble handoff. Stephen F. Austin utilizes a 5 that can attack the rim off the dribble to allow for multiple options out of the set. See More

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Basketball Play - Ohio State Horns-Flex

Ohio State Horns-Flex

Andrew Greer 03/19/2015

Ohio State ran this modified flex vs. VCU after setting it up with multiple possessions of their basic horns set. After using misdirection, the VCU defender is expecting a second misdirection screen but the 1 only uses one ball screen taking him to the wing. The help side defenders are also anticipating a guard attack or post dive to the paint. This action allows the ball handler and the cutter (flex) the entire side of the floor to work with. During this particular set the flex cut was covered and the ball was sent to the 2 coming off of a stagger screen. See More

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Basketball Play - Butler Horns Flex Action

Butler Horns Flex Action

Wes Kosel 03/19/2015

Butler used this play in the first half of the game against Texas to get an open shot in the post. The play starts in the horns set with an entry pass to the elbow. Butler fakes the staggered screen in the corner and has 2 back-cut to the basket. If 2 isn't open on the cut, he continues across the lane to set a flex screen for 3. Butler got a good look here and threw it directly in to 3 in the post. If 3 isn't open, 1 can pass to 2 cutting off of the down screen from 5. See More

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Basketball Play - Manhattan Jaspers 1-4 High Options

Manhattan Jaspers 1-4 High Options

Wes Kosel 03/18/2015

Although Manhattan is already out, head coach Steve Masiello had the Jaspers running some quality actions. In these 1-4 High Options, both plays start with the same guard loop action. If your team has good stretch forwards, these plays will get your 4 and 5 the ball at the elbow or perimeter in position to shoot or pass to the open shooter. Option 1: If the back-screen isn't open (3 cutting off of a screen from 4), 5 passes to 1 on the wing. 3 then cuts through the elevator screen from 4 and 5 for a shot. Option 2: In the second option, 5 passes to 4 instead of 1 flaring to the wing. Once 4 has the ball, the Jaspers run a flex action with 3 screening for 2 and 5 screening down for 3. See More

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Basketball Play - UNI Modified Flex

UNI Modified Flex

Andrew Greer 03/01/2015

Northern Iowa ran this set early in the game against Wichita State on 2/28/15. There are two ways to look at this play: 1. A quick hitter with 3 options. 2. A modified entry into the flex offense. *If all 3 options are covered you can see that if the 5 moves to the corner the set ends up in an easy transition to a continuous flex offense. See More

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Basketball Play - Flex & Flare (Double Away)

Flex & Flare (Double Away)

Randy Sherman 02/26/2015

A way to get more double screens and flare screens into a flex-style continuity offense. Passes trigger actions by following these rules: Rule: Any pass from high elbow to wing triggers a double screen away! Rule: Any pass from wing to high elbow triggers a weakside flare screen! Rule: Any high elbow to high elbow pass triggers the flex & flare action! ANYTIME you set a backscreen for a flex cutter, you immediately arc wide and flare screen for the high elbow See More

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