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Basketball Play - Golden State Warriors Floppy

Golden State Warriors Floppy

Adam Spinella 05/22/2017

A floppy action is common in the NBA and at many other levels. It's a great action for shooters who are given time to read screens and be a threat off simple down screens. Since the Warriors have so many shooters, their use of the Floppy action is particularly dangerous when Curry, Thompson and Durant are all swirling around each other -- and more dangerous in those instances where Curry or Thompson are screeners. See More

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Basketball Play - Spurs Floppy 4-Out

Spurs Floppy 4-Out

Adam Spinella 04/16/2017

A counter to the normal Floppy set, this is an action Gregg Popovich and the Spurs run out of timeouts to get LaMarcus Aldridge an open mid-range jumper. Since his defender is not used to guarding shooters and getting through screens, it is a particularly effective action. See More

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Basketball Play - Xavier - Shuffle Stagger Floppy

Xavier - Shuffle Stagger Floppy

Doug Brotherton 03/24/2017

This set is one of my favorites of the 2017 NCAA Tournament. There are numerous scoring opportunities, as it is a combination of multiple actions. Xavier ran this set in their Sweet 16 game, against Arizona. The set resulted in a wide open three point attempt. The play gets a ball reversal, has a shuffle cut, double stagger screen, and flows into Floppy action. Great stuff by Coach Mack! See More

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Basketball Play - UCLA Floppy Canada

UCLA Floppy Canada

Adam Spinella 03/21/2017

For all the shooters UCLA has, their big men are underappreciated for how good they are in the mid-range. This action allows them to take advantage of their mid-range shooting prowess by driving a guard on the baseline, then hitting a big man for the pick-and-pop. See More

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Basketball Play - Argentina - Shuffle Floppy Rescreen

Argentina - Shuffle Floppy Rescreen

Matt Wheeler 08/17/2016

Argentina ran this pay with 6:20 left in the 2nd quarter in their game against Spain. They spiced up the regular floppy action with a shuffle cut for a big shooting wing in Patricio Garino (3), and a rescreen from Manu Ginobli (2). The end of the action results in options for two quality shooters cutting off of screens for a shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Australia - Floppy Hammer

Australia - Floppy Hammer

Mo Dakhil 08/12/2016

The play starts out in a floppy set. The 3 comes off the 5 and curls to come to the opposite wing receiving a screen from the 4. The 1 hits the 3 as he comes off the 2nd screen. The 2 cuts off the 5 after the 3 to the wing. Right after the 2 comes off the 5, the 5 turns around and sets the hammer screen on the 2 defender bring him to the corner. The 3 right on the catch drives hard baseline looking to find the 2. At the same time the 4 rolls to the as the send option. See More

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