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Basketball Play - Pick & Roll Decision Making

Pick & Roll Decision Making

Michael Shaughnessy 08/17/2018

Great for group workouts forcing the players involved to communicate. Instead of just dictating who is shooting & passing, the ball-handler is forced to make a decision based off their teammates communication. Everyone involved in the drill is held accountable through every detail. The ball-handler has to come off with pace and use their eyes to see what's in front of them and their teammate before making a decision. The ball-handler's teammate has to be vocal and be shot ready. The drill will only go as smooth as the players communcation and togetherness. It forces them to take ownership as they must do when they get to the season. View: Mike Shaughnessy #FastModelTakeover - Twitter Moment See More

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Basketball Play - 1v2 Rim Protect

1v2 Rim Protect

Michael Shaughnessy 08/17/2018

Drill Description - Coach starts with the basketball. - Once the coach passes to player 1, the drill is live. - As player 1 starts to attack downhill at the defender player x2, player x3 has to touch one of the cones before getting back into play as the rim protector. - The player on offense is encouraged to attack opposite the side player x3 goes. - Players rotate a spot up if player 1 does not score. - x2 goes to offense, x3 goes to primary defender, player 1 goes to help defender. - First player to score 3 points wins. See More

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Basketball Play - Boston College 4v4 Transition Drill

Boston College 4v4 Transition Drill

Michael Lynch 08/13/2018

The progression of drills is really effective in this Boston College "Fast Break Concepts" video created by Coach Chris Oliver of @BballImmersion. The 4v4 Transition Drill that begins at about the 7:00 mark was one that I thought was particularly useful. The Offense starts with a slight 4 v 2 advantage and seeks to make a pitch ahead pass for a score. Whether the offense misses or makes, the defense will then take the ball back up the court 4v4. More from Michael Lynch: Skill Building for Dribble Drive Motion Offenses Keys to Designing a DDM Practice Plan See More

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Basketball Play - Sundance Moves on the Move

Sundance Moves on the Move

Joel Hueser 07/09/2018

Blog Post: Scoring Made Simple - 3 Easy and Effective Shots to Practice Moves on the Move In order to break down a defender on the move, we encourage all players to develop a go-to move and counter move. Consider the following points as well: 1. Maintain a speed of 80 mph (80%). 2. Attack the defense right between their eyes. Go right at them! 3. Make your move a stride or two away and attack the defender’s outside shoulder at 100 mph (full speed). 4. Finally, close the gap once you get by them. 5. Be sure to practice these moves on both sides of the floor!!! Inside-Out Move If you are dribbling with your right hand, step laterally (to the left) with your inside foot and then return to the outside as quickly as possible. Do not change hands with the dribble. However, learn to sell the defender with an inside-out dribble to compliment your inside-out footwork. Master this from both sides. Crossover Move If you are dribbling with your right hand, plant your right foot and quickly cross the ball over to your left hand. When you get by the defender, keep a very low dribble and close the gap. Learn to do this tight and compact with both hands. Hesitation Move Dribble right at the defender, then slow down with a quiet stutter and momentarily begin to rise up, as soon as the defender freezes or becomes off balance, explode past him. Push the ball out in front with a low dribble. Between the Legs Move Same as the crossover, but dribble the ball between your legs. Create Without over dribbling, challenge your creativity on the move. This could be around the back or a combo of other moves. Don't be afraid to make a mistake! Click for more #PlayerDevelopmentWeek content! See More

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