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Basketball Play - Atlanta Cross Double

Atlanta Cross Double

Daniel Murphy 06/28/2013

The Atlanta Dream ran this set a couple times in their 78-77 win over the CT Sun 6/23. After the cross screen 2 would come off a double or elevator. You can move your personel around to get them the ball in different spots by starting with a small on big cross screen. See More

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Basketball Play - Back Reverse

Back Reverse

John Leonzo 06/21/2013

Here is a set play that Bucknell ran in the NCAA tournament this year against Butler. This is a counter to a similar action that they ran earlier in the same game. In the previous play 2 would cut to the corner opposite the ball and 1 would hit 3 on the wing for an ISO. In this counter 2 stops his cut under the basket and pops to the top of the key for a catch and shoot opportunity. This is an effective set when coupled with the previously described play. This is a great misdirection quick hitter! See More

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Basketball Play - Vegas


Randy Brown 05/05/2013

This can be run as a play to end the half, game, or to get an open three anytime. 1 makes UCLA cut to the basket. He stops inside the block and cuts up the middle of the floor to catch and shoot a three. 3 and 5 set double screens and "close the door" and free him for a shot. Give it a try! See More

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Basketball Play - 41 twist

41 twist

John Leonzo 04/26/2013

Here is another set that was run by Utah State during the 2010 season. This is a great quick hitter to get a quality look at the basket before getting into your motion offense. I would reccomend this set to anyone that is looking for a quick hitter that is hard to defend. See More

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Basketball Play - Dribble


Keven Bradley 04/22/2013

You can take advantage of the multiple scoring opportunities within this set and run it several possessions in a row and get different shots each time. The pinch-double is great early action for your best shooter and by running the Iverson screen for your point-guard, you get the ball back into the hands of your best ball handler prior to attacking off the ball screens. See More

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Basketball Play - ATO Elevator

ATO Elevator

Kyle Gilreath 04/22/2013

At the end of regulation Saturday night, the Golden State Warriors' head coach Mark Jackson drew up this quick hitter for a Need 3 for Stephen Curry. The Denver Nuggets defense tried to sufficate Steph and prevent the catch & shoot, but Curry's shot fake allowed him to get off a shot to tie the game. See More

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Basketball Play - Quick Doubles

Quick Doubles

Kyle Gilreath 04/09/2013

After Syracuse's loss Saturday night to Michigan, I began brainstorming for some quick plays in a Need 3 situation. Almost everyone in basketball knows about America's play so I decided to draw an easy tweak to it. If there is enough time on the clock have 2 run off another stagger if needed. See More

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Basketball Play - Brooklyn ditches ISO-Joe on a game-deciding play

Brooklyn ditches ISO-Joe on a game-deciding play

Mark Travis 02/22/2013

The majority of Joe Johnson's clutch shots for the Nets this season have come on the infamous ISO-Joe plays that made Johnson's Atlanta Hawks' teams a bit of an eye sore on offense. To Johnson's credit, he's been remarkably efficient in one-on-one situations late in games this year, and he even hit the game-winner later in this game on an isolation possession. But down three with 6.7 seconds left in the game against the Milwaukee Bucks the other night, P.J. Carlesimo went away from ISO ball and drew up a beautiful elevator screen sequence to get Johnson a wide open look at a three from the top of the key. Unphased by the moment, Johnson executed his cut perfectly and he got good screens from his teammates, allowing him to tie things up and send the game to overtime. Video of this play. See More

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Basketball Play - San Antonio's 15 SNUG

San Antonio's 15 SNUG

Mark Travis 02/07/2013

This is a play that the Spurs love to run that features a "snug" pick-and-roll between Tony Parker and Tiago Splitter. The pick-and-roll action between these two is deadly - Splitter is one of the best roll men in the league - but just in case the defense can bottle it up (which is rare), the Spurs have some sweet weakside action that can punish the defense even if they do everything right. Video of this play. See More

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Basketball Play - Army STS

Army STS

Kyle Brown 01/31/2013

A set that I saw Army run against Navy last week. The 2 man has to set it up like he is just cutting through on the normal shuffle action and then recieves the screen from 3. Army finished with the down screen, but the elevator option would also work. See More

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