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Basketball Play - Elbow Pin Elevator

Elbow Pin Elevator

Kyle Gilreath 01/08/2015

This is another play Billy Donovan ran last night in their victory over South Carolina. While the emphasis of this play is to get 3 a shot via the elevator screen, there is also an inside opportunity as well. By placing Finney-Smith at the 3, this game the Gators a bigger target inside off the initial pin-down action. Furthermore, with so much attention at the FT-line area, this is also a great opportunity for 1 to ball fake and drive baseline to the rim with the only help defender being X2. See More

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Basketball Play - Box 2 - BLOB

Box 2 - BLOB

Keven Bradley 10/06/2014

This BLOB set provides an opportunity to get your best shooter (2) an open 3-pointer on the perimeter. The early action and movement by 3 and 1 tries to get the defense more concerned about their movement and forget about 2. A great "counter" option for this set is to occasionally pass it to 3 as he makes his Iverson cut. He will have an open side of the floor to attack. See More

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Basketball Play - 31 Thru

31 Thru

Kyle Gilreath 05/12/2014

The Indiana Pacers ran this After Time-Out drawn up by Frank Vogel during their win over the Washington Wizards in Game 4 of 2014 EC Semi-Finals. What made this play so effective was Paul George's (3) hesitation under the rim creating enough space with his defender to get through the screen for the catch & shoot. See More

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Basketball Play - Sooner Red

Sooner Red

Randy Brown 05/09/2014

Great set play for a scoring perimeter shooter. Action starts with dribble to wing by 1 as 2 and 3 re-locate. 3 catches high as 1 and 2 swing wings. 3 dribbles to left wing to set up 4-5 squeeze screen for 2 for jump shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Door


Randy Brown 04/23/2014

This is a proven set play for a three point shot attempt late in the game. 3 is used as a decoy to catch, return pass to 1, and curl over screens by 4-5. 1 drives the ball from left to right as 2 cuts between 4-5 as they screen and "shut the door." This will free 2 for open three point shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Close


Alan Peel 04/15/2014

This was the first offensive play of the game run by Florida against UConn at the 2014 Final Four. For more, check out, sign up for a membership, and get your first 30 days free. See More

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