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Basketball Play - Spread Series - Flow

Spread Series - Flow

Diccon Lloyd-Smeath 11/01/2017

Iberostar Tenerife 2016/17 - Coach Txus Vidoretta. One of the most destructive Offenses in Europe! From a 5 Out Spread Set, Tenerife used Flow Actions to get shots at the rim, hit the roller and kick out 3's. This set is a great way to maximise talent as it get's everyone involved, involves all 5 players moving, multiple screening actions, Dribble Handoofs, ball reversal and offers multiple scoring opportunities. See More

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Basketball Play - Toronto Raptors - Dwane Casey - Offensive Playbook (2011-2018)

Toronto Raptors - Dwane Casey - Offensive Playbook (2011-2018)

FastModel Sports 10/01/2017

Toronto Raptors offensive playbook under head coach Dwane Casey from 2011-2018, created by @CoopNBA & @RapotorsPlaybook, powered by @FastModel. Chapters include: Halfcourt, SLOB, BLOB, End of Quarter, End of Game and Early Offense. Click on the "Send to FastDraw" button to add to your library as both a full playbook and individual plays. The PDF of the playbook is available by clicking here. See More

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Basketball Play - Pistol - 21 Offense Breakdown

Pistol - 21 Offense Breakdown

Dave Nedbalek 07/05/2017

The Pistol offense is one of my favorite offenses right now. With the different reads and options you can make out of the initial pass it is really hard to comfortable defending. Point of emphasis would be to really make sure your wings and point guard give themselves enough room to operate sideline side to not warrant and immediate trap (although I have found that is one of the better ways to defend the initial action, so plan accordingly, tweet me @DaveNedbalekUTT and we can discuss) Please share any wrinkles counters you see, or have run. I will include some decoy entries in a later post, as well as a video breakdown. Teams running this right now: -LA Clippers -Golden State Warriors -Houston Rockets See More

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Basketball Play - Transition 1 v 1

Transition 1 v 1

Jordan Petersen 06/26/2017

Transition offense is a huge part of the game. In this game like shooting drill, players will be working on scoring in transition. A defensive player will be closing out on the offense in the corner. The offensive player will have to read the defender to see if they should shoot it or drive it. See More

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