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Basketball Play - Denver Nuggets - Motion Off-Ball PNR

Denver Nuggets - Motion Off-Ball PNR

Matt Barnthouse 11/28/2018

The Denver Nuggets took advantage of their versatile lineup on this play during a 117-85 win over the Los Angeles Lakers on November 27th. It takes principles of a basic "pass and cut" motion offense, along with dribble penetration and pick and roll concepts. It starts out with passes and cuts, but then Jamal Murray (1) cuts back while Nikola Jokic (5) screens, starting a pick and roll action off after Murray receives a pass from Paul Millsap (3). This confuses the Lakers defense, which does not switch, and LeBron James, who is defending 4, is late on the rotation leading to a layup for Murray. The advantage of having bigs that can shoot is that if LeBron rotated earlier, Murray could've passed to either Juan Hernangomez (4) or Malik Beasley (2) in the corner for a catch and shoot opportunity. Sharing the ball forces the defenders to make decisions. The more decisions that have to be made, the more chances for an error that an offense can take care of. Having versatile players like the Nuggets do makes those defensive decisions so much tougher (do I stay on my guy and perhaps leave him open for a 3? Do I help?), which can often lead to these late rotations and result in buckets. See More

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Basketball Play - Auburn Tigers - Wave 4

Auburn Tigers - Wave 4

Dave Nedbalek 11/27/2018

This a very simple, yet effective set to use early in transition to counter over aggressive defense. Take a look at the video below to see how the Tigers set this up. Beaches & Basketball! Check out @DaveNedbalekUTT's top plays from Maui. Quick hitters, zone plays, ball screen actions, and more! — FastModel Sports® ð???ð??» (@FastModel) November 28, 2018 See More

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Basketball Play - Playbook: Top 25 Plays of 2018

Playbook: Top 25 Plays of 2018

FastModel Sports 11/18/2018

The most downloaded plays of the year, conveniently put together in one playbook, just for you. Download to FastDraw using the button above, or grab the PDF here. Check out this blog post for more details on the individual plays! Shout out to #TeamFastModel for its contributions in making this playbook and the PlayBank an amazing resource for basketball coaches! Thanks for your support in 2018! See More

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Basketball Play - Kansas Jayhawks - Horns 54

Kansas Jayhawks - Horns 54

Dave Nedbalek 11/09/2018

This is a great set that we have seen many NBA teams run, namely the Cleveland Cavaliers utilizing LeBron James as the screner. T he proximity to the rim and the pace with which Kansas runs it makes it even tougher for the defenders to talk their way through defending this action. I love that the Jayhawk bigs casually jog down before popping back up the lane lines quickly to start the defense out of step. On the FMS Blog: NCAA Preseason Top 25 XsOs - Teams 1-5 See More

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Basketball Play - Indiana Pacers - Quick 2 Flare Mid SLOB

Indiana Pacers - Quick 2 Flare Mid SLOB

Matt Barnthouse 10/31/2018

The mid-range game isn't exactly "en vogue" for early offense, but if you have the personnel, like the Pacers do with Victor Oladipo it isn't always a terrible option. They utilize Myles Turner's wide body to set an off ball screen and free up Oladipo for a catch and shoot opportunity against the Bulls in a preseason game on October 10th. This also can be used in a late game situation should your team need only need 2. It's quick, it's simple, and when executed well, it creates space. See More

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