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Basketball Play - Play of the Day 09-07-2011: Defensive 5-Second Call

Play of the Day 09-07-2011: Defensive 5-Second Call

FastModel Sports 09/07/2011

Today's FastDraw Play of the Day takes you to Eurobasket 2011 in Lithuania, for a look at the defensive side of the ball. In Second Round action today, France needed a defensive stop against Turkey to seal the victory. Turkey had the ball out of bounds, down 3 points, with 5 seconds to play in the game, but failed to inbound the ball within the 5-second time limit to do so, and France hung on to win the game. Every coach at one time or another is in a position where their team needs to force a 5-second call to have a chance to win the game. Usually, it occurs when trailing, and rarely does the team pull it off under pressure. In this case France used it to clinch victory in a game they were leading. The video below show you exactly how this play described above unfolded and allowed France to walk away with a Eurobasket victory: See More

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Basketball Play - Icing Wing Ball Screens (ICE)

Icing Wing Ball Screens (ICE)

Irvin Jerry 09/06/2019

Wing ball screens can be difficult to guard especially verse teams that run them frequently in their sets or run pick & roll motion. We went to icing wing ball screens to limit their effectiveness. Benefits of this defensive strategy: 1) You keep the ball on the wing, shrink the court and make the ball handler play in a crowd. 2) There are not many guards that excel at the off the dribble mid-range pull up. 3) With the rise in analytics more and more coaches discourage the mid range pull up. 4) The forward/center is limited to mid-range jumpers and threes. 5) Although the three-ball is shot at an increasing clip, there are not many centers that we face that will shoot a high percentage from three. We are ok with the other team's center taking contested threes and mid-range jumpers. In fact most of the centers we face don't shoot them at all or are reluctant. 6) Limiting the shot options to contested threes and mid-range jumpers by the ball handler and forward, the other players that are accustomed to getting kick out threes aren't in rhythm when they finally get touches. 7) Not many teams know how to counter icing wing ball screens. So some coaches will just stop running plays that have wing on ball screens because you can blow up an entire play and stagnate their offense by not letting the wing ball screen happen. See video below for examples. See More

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Basketball Play - 2v1 Help Side and Box Out

2v1 Help Side and Box Out

Dymetrius Ware 08/13/2019

This is an awesome drill for stations during practice. Players are working on coming off a guarded player and getting to help position and stopping the ball. If the offense gets a shot off, defense must get back and box out the offensive player coming from the weak side (original matchup). See full instructions below. See More

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Basketball Play - SSG: 3v3 One More Drill

SSG: 3v3 One More Drill

Tony Miller 06/05/2019

"One more pass" turns into a live 3v3 small sided game. Check out my latest blog post for more #XsOs! >>> BUILDING YOUR PLAYBOOK: Add Sets With Consecutive Actions Free Download: Toronto Raptors Playbook Also below: Episode of A Quick Timeout podcast discussing Nick Nurse's coaching journey and the characteristics of a successful coach. See More

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