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Basketball Play - Virginia - Backdoor Cut (Quick Hitter)

Virginia - Backdoor Cut (Quick Hitter)

Jake Presutti 03/23/2014

Viriginia ran this quick hitter in the ACC Championship game against Duke on Sunday. Virginia runs this set looking to get one of their guards a backdoor cut at the basket. UVA does a great job in their motion offense staying patient and looking for great shot on each possession. Their patience and hard cuts will leave the defense suseptible to backdoor cuts. See More

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Basketball Play - Wing Loop Elevator

Wing Loop Elevator

Adam Spinella 01/06/2014

This elevator play is designed for a shooter to come off a misdirection cut back up the lane line to where he came from thru an elevator. What makes it so seductive for the shooter is that the elevator wasn't there when he made his original cut, so when he retraces his steps and comes thru the elevator, the defender will be blindsided by it. See More

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Basketball Play - Utah Jazz 1-4 High Double Back Screen

Utah Jazz 1-4 High Double Back Screen

Al Baker 09/16/2013

This is our entry into the little-big back screen that the Utah Jazz used with John Stockton and Karl Malone back in the day. You may be able to get the ball to the 2 on the first basket cut, but more often than not the x5 defender will be sagging on the back screen, leaving 5 open to catch on the wing. If your 5 isn't a shooter, you may want to change up personnel to avoid allowing that defender to play off the ball and take away the entry to 4. See More

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Basketball Play - Transition Weak Pindown

Transition Weak Pindown

Daniel Murphy 08/05/2013

Transition play to get a quick shot off a curl from a pindown with a handoff or dribble hand off counter. If 1 throws the ball ahead to 2 and 2 can't feed 5 in the post, a trailing 4 can set a weakside pindown. If 3 is not open on the curl, then 4 steps back to the ball and plays a two man game with 1. See More

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Basketball Play - Pacer Weave Duck In

Pacer Weave Duck In

Kevin Bruinsma 06/19/2013

The Pacers ran this set in a late clock situation right before the end of the First Half in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals vs the Miami Heat. #21 David West with a textbook example of ducking in, sealing a defender. This play didn't result in a basket as West missed an open lay-up. But the job he does of going along the baseline, then coming back towards the rim sealing they switching defender was tremendous. See More

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Basketball Play - Lithuania


Fabian McKenzie 04/16/2013

This set was run at the end of the break. 4 is in low blocks. 3 is wide on weakside 2 runs a rub cut off the 5 man looking for ball from 1 1 enters ball to 5 at high post After 1 hits 5, there is some misdirection 4 begins to screen for 2. 1 steps in to set the top of the staggered double screen for 2. 1 does not actually set the screen. They slip to the rim looking for the ball and get ready to screen again 5 executes a dribble handoff with 2 As the handoff is occurring, 1 and 4 are setting staggered screen for 3. After handing off to 2, 5 sets the 3rd screen in the staggered screen for 3 On the handoff, 2 tries to turn the corner to the rim or looks back to 3 coming off the triple screen. After screening, 1 pops to wing. 4 and 5 are looking for slip opportunities if the defense cheats on the staggered screen See More

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