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Basketball Play - 30 Series: Chase Option

30 Series: Chase Option

Irvin Jerry 06/26/2019

30 Series is a secondary break offense that is at it's best when flowing from transition before the defense gets set. If ran at full speed, with proper spacing and effective screens this offense will create high percentage shots for your team. There are four differnet ways to start the offense and it's all based on reads. We want our young ladies to use different options to keep the defense off balance. I first saw this presented by Dave Severns of the Los Angeles Clippers at the Northern Arizona University Coaches Clinic. This is known as the Pistol or Hurry Up Offense in NBA circles. I haven't seen very many women's programs running this and it can be very effective in the women's game. See video below. More 30 Series: Keep Option Dribble Option Down Option See More

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Basketball Play - Toronto Raptors - Elbow Flare Gut

Toronto Raptors - Elbow Flare Gut

Matt Wheeler 05/22/2019

The Toronto Raptors ran this play late in the second overtime of Game 3 against the Milwaukee Bucks to get the ball to Kawhi Leonard (3) where he can attack the paint. After setting the flare screen 3 cuts around 5 to get the handoff. Since x3 doesn't want to give up the open three-point shot, he trails 3 on the handoff. 3 then turns the corner to attack the basket. In this situation, x5 provides help on the drive which gets 5 open. See More

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