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Basketball Play - Agua Caliente-BLOB

Agua Caliente-BLOB

Menelik Fernandes 06/16/2020

2 cuts over the top of 4 and 5 4 and 5 both space to the slots 1 passes to 5 because there is no shot for 2 2 pins for 1 1 enters and gets a wing pass from 5 2 spaces and becomes the shake 5 turns the pass into pass and pick action 1 attacks the nail 1 passes to 4 for a make if x4 is tagging See More

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Basketball Play - Zipper Angle

Zipper Angle

Diccon Lloyd-Smeath 05/24/2020

BC Lietuvos Rytas head coach Dainius Adomaitis runs the most efficient ATO plays in the Lithuanian LKL. Rytas also lead the league in PPP (per synergy) on play with the roll man. This play is an excellent way to get into an angle pick-and-roll and blur the defensive responsibilities. the first baseline cut from the 3 empties the paint and then the 4 man cuts behind the help forcing his defender to choose help or his duck-in. See More

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Basketball Play - Flex - Spain Option

Flex - Spain Option

Diccon Lloyd-Smeath 05/21/2020

RETAbet Bilbao coach Alex Mumbru runs some very efficient sideline OOB actions. Their main set is out of a "Flex" entry. This play is the "Spain" pick-and-roll option out of the Flex entry. If you have a solid decision-maker at the PG spot, great shooters and a solid-screening big, this is a great set with lots of movement and actions in a short space of time. See More

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Basketball Play - Piston


Dymetrius Ware 05/18/2020

Coming out of transition the 1 will hit the 2 who at the marker. the 5 will sprint beyond the 3pt circle, the 4 is between the middle and high post. the 3 is on the weak side wing behind the 3pt circle. Once the 1 has passed to the 2 this initiate a pop out by the 4 beyond the3pt circle, the 3 will set a down screen for the 1 who will come off the screen with a curl to the basket. Once the 1 the curls off the 3 will now go set a back screen for the 2 in the paint, who stall and waits for the screen and clears the lane. the 3 will now sprint to the corner. the 2 fade behind the weak side 3pt line. the 4 hits the at the top of the key driving into the a cleared out lane. See More

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Basketball Play - North


Andrew Lacey 05/05/2020

Today's Fastdraw Play of Day is a sideline out of bounds set that can be used after a timeout and/or late game situation. It is a counter to the action called "Down". Use this counter action with timing to improve your late game execution. See More

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