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Basketball Play - Perfection - Team Warmup

Perfection - Team Warmup

Lee DeForest 12/14/2015

4 Lines - 2 Balls 4 Lines of Players 2 Basketballs Total 1 in each line Each set of partners go down and back Chest Passes Day 1 Bounce Passes Day 2 Weak Hand Passes Day 3 Repeat 4 Lines - 4 Balls 4 lines of players 4 basketballs total 2 in each line with each set of partners Partners go down and back Outside line - chest passes Inside line - bounce passes 3 Lines - 2 Balls 3 lines of players on the baseline Basketballs in the outside lines Outside lines dribble with outside hand Chest pass from outside line to middle line and middle line chest passes back to middle line Laker Drill Ball starts in the middle, and first pass is to right side. On pass, the left side sprints hard to fill a lane. First pass line becomes rebounder out of the net, middle line becomes layup shooter on return, layup shooter becomes first pass on the return. No drops, ball never touches floor. Perfect Layups Lines 1 and 3 start behind the cone; one player starts in Line 2 with a basketball. Line 1 sprints for a cut above the block as Line 3 is sprinting to rebound out of the net. Line 2 is out of bounds and bounces passes to Line 1 for the clean lay-up. Line 3 replaces 2, 2 replaces 1, 1 replaces 3. Figure 8 (3 Man Weave) Ball starts in the middle; pass to either outside line, and fill behind the player the ball is passed to as the ball is moved downcourt. All chest passes. Last pass is a bounce pass for a layup. 110 in 3 110 makes in 3 minutes. Every made shot is one point. Playyers find their range; centers shoot 15' and others shoot three point shots. 3 man weave to start; line 1 is the layup shooter down and back. Only two passes into layup for line 1 and a dribble is allowed to finish. 110 in 3 (continued) Line 1 shoots layup as 2 and 3 spot up for passes from line 4 and line 5. Replace the passer with the shooter; so line 3 shot from line 4's pass, so shooter 3 becomes passer in 4 line. Simple. As soon as line 4 and 5 pass they fill in for the 3 man weave returning to the other end. Coaches count each end and total after 3 mins. 85 in 2 minutes Each layup is worth one point. Player in line 1 passes to coach who can handoff or pass ahead for player to run into and make layup on other end. Line 2 passes to coach and has same rules. See More

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Basketball Play - No Paint Drill

No Paint Drill

Drew Hanlen 12/11/2015

This is a great competitive drill that works on defensive closeouts, catching drives, guarding the ball, getting chest stops, keeping the ball out of the paint, attacking closeouts and driving into the paint under control. OFFENSE - Attack the paint with drive and kick. DEFENSE - No straight line drives. Good gap positioning. Scoring - 1 point for offense to get 2 feet in the paint. 2 points for a drive in to the charge circle. See More

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Basketball Play - 2v2 Deny and Grind

2v2 Deny and Grind

Drew Hanlen 12/11/2015

This is a great continuous 2v2 transition drill that builds toughness, enhances cardio & helps players transition from offense to defense. Scoring 2pts for a made 2pt FG 3pts for a made 3pt FG 5pts for a 5sec call or steal on an inbounds pass Losers run a sprint for every point they lose by in 6 minutes See More

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Basketball Play - Dr. Dish C2E Explosive D and Wing Curl Options

Dr. Dish C2E Explosive D and Wing Curl Options

Rick Allison 12/10/2015

These movement sequences combine an emphasis on lateral defensive quickness and wing curl shooting options with precise footwork. Each sequence results in a different movement pattern and shot, but builds on an attack counter strategy. This is certainly a technique development drill, but can be modified to add an antagonist to provide initial cue for defensive acceleration direction, and then rotational closeout context on the curl. Dr. Dish can be set with a tempo long enough for the option which requires the most time and shooter can machine gun feet until Dr. Dish passes the ball to start each option sequence. Or, if coach is passer then the Dr. Dish remote can be used. If used for technique development, the sequences should be performed on both sides of the basket, either alternately or repeating the 6 sequences on the opposite side. See More

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Marc Skelton 10/27/2015

This continuous game-like finishing drill works on 5 different moves from 5 different spots on the floor. These moves can be attempted at different spots using left or right hands. This drill also helps develop footwork (pivots), rip through, and ball fakes. We name the moves after NBA players as it is easier to remember and embrace. Bonus:1) Add Euro step 2) Add a blocking pad to finish with contact. See More

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