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Basketball Play - Back Tip & Convert

Back Tip & Convert

Kevin Bruinsma 06/28/2013

This is a defensive drill that during my three years at Cleveland State we did a multiple times a week. It incorporates a lot of things and teaches/practices fundamentals while letting the guys get after it and be competetive. The back tip and convert drill allows you to learn how to back tip the ball properly and then transition immediatly into offense so you work on your 2 on 1 breaks. The key to this drill is the back tipper needs to sprint, and tip the ball up with his inside hand. Don't reach, just run the floor and tip the ball. A really great defense to offense drill while teaching a unique skill. See More

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Basketball Play - 1-on-1 Closeout Drill

1-on-1 Closeout Drill

Kyle Gilreath 05/16/2013

During today's NBA Draft Combine on ESPNU, the Small Forwards were put through this excellent 1-on-1 Closeout Drills to test the players' offensive and defensive skills in isolation situations. I love this drill because it puts the players in a realistic situation closing out from help defense to a 1-on-1 situation. See More

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Basketball Play - Michigan Finishing

Michigan Finishing

Daniel Murphy 04/23/2013

Demonstrated by Michigan's John Beilein at a clinic. Great drill for first step explosion and finishing with contact and defensive pressure. 1 must explode past the defender in order to get 2 on his/her hip. Then finish strong at the rim. 2 should contest but not get in the habit of fouling. See More

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Basketball Play - High Post Dive & Weak Side Seal Drill

High Post Dive & Weak Side Seal Drill

Randy Brown 02/18/2013

If you run the High-Low motion offnese, this drill is manatory. It combines several key skills; cutting, passing, sealing, offensive post moves, shooting, and weak side sealing. The key element is to teach the high post player to dive to the rim and dominate the weakside when the ball is entered to his teammate. In anticipation of the shot, the opposite post positions himself in a weakside seal to guarantee the rebound on a miss. This is a very competitive drill that will help your half court offense immensely. See More

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Basketball Play - 5 Spot In-a-Rows Shooting Drill

5 Spot In-a-Rows Shooting Drill

Randy Brown 01/24/2013

If you are looking for a competitive shooting drill you will like this 5 spot in-a-rows drill. Players are given five spots to shoot from. They must make the first shot to continue their "in-a-row" total from that spot. This can be a peer pressure drill also by comparing total shots made by all players. See More

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