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Basketball Play - Dribble Drive Motion - Creating a Split & Decision Making Work

Dribble Drive Motion - Creating a Split & Decision Making Work

Gerard Hillier 06/10/2016

Here are some basic drills we have found extremely valuable during the "implementing Dribble Drive" phase, which we also use on a daily/weekly basis. The importance of being able to create a "split" (where two defenders commit to the ball carrier) is pararmount within our DDM system, and just as important is the ability to find the open player (from where the 2nd defender came from) for a high percentage & open scoring option. Our "Decision Making" breakdown work is by far the most important part of our practice plan when it comes to our offensive system, very rarely will we conduct 5on5 for great periods of time (no more than 20mins per practice), rather we choose to place as much time in to 2on1, 2on2, 3on2, & 3on3 situational decision making as possible within our practice plan. We have found this approach to be very successful, creating an enviroment where players are making high percentage decisions/reads on a regular basis. There is a reasonable amount of "ugly basketball" when we first implement the DDM system, and we encourage our coaches to try and let the players "organically grow" within the system and make their own decisions/reads, though this is often easier said than done, try and "guide" the players decision making rather than making the decision for them. We encourage questions like "what was your thought process on that decision" & "what did you see that triggered that decision" See More

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Basketball Play - Beat the Pro

Beat the Pro

John Leonzo 06/02/2016

This is part of John Leonzo's Solo Summer Shooting Workout. I recommend making no fewer than 200 shots a day, 6 days a week. Be sure to remind your players that there is no magic in the drills, in the facility, or in the coach that is with them, the magic is in the work. Improvement has a knack for following consistent work ethic and persistence. See More

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Basketball Play - Cyclone


Aseem Rastogi 06/02/2016

Adapted from Coach Hoiberg when he was at Iowa State, this drill is one of our favorites at Woodson. This is one of our "DNA Drills," or every day drills that make up the DNA of our program. If your team wants to/likes to push the pace, use Cyclone to emphasize that! See More

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Basketball Play - 8-6-4


Aseem Rastogi 06/02/2016

Competitive transition defensive drill that ramps up the intensity in practice. Team accountability is embedded in each portion of the drill, as well as fundamentals of transition defense. This is also a terrific conditioner. See More

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Basketball Play - Dr. Dish - Hunt the Paint Drill

Dr. Dish - Hunt the Paint Drill

Aseem Rastogi 06/02/2016

Full court, full skill drill utilizing the Dr. Dish as the outlet passer. Use it to train ball handling, outlet pass positioning, moves on the move, finishing off two feet, and more. The goal of total makes should vary by level - girls' varsity team starts out with the goal of 70 in 5 mins in November, should be nearing 100 in January. See More

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Basketball Play - VULCAN (Roman God of Fire)

VULCAN (Roman God of Fire)

Marc Skelton 05/25/2016

This is a great competitive catch and shoot drill. You can use one or two partners and two balls-(one can be the passer and the other a rebounder). There are 5 spots on the floor-also 5 shots that are within most offenses. There are a few options for this drill: 1) First one to hit 5 consecutive shots wins. 2)How many can you make in 1 minute? 3) How many can you make in 2 minutes? Challenge: Shooter cannot move until he hits two in a row from each spot. If he misses more than three in a row he starts over. See More

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Basketball Play - 3 ON 3 SERIES


Marc Skelton 05/10/2016

A great drill that simultaneously improves your team and individual players offensively and defensively is a series of 3 on 3 drills. Offensively, we work on dribble hand-offs, cuts, shooting, passing, catching, screens, and timing. Defensively, we work on communication and the different ways to defend screens. I also like this drill because it helps to reduce turnovers. See More

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