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Basketball Play - Read and React Continuous

Read and React Continuous

Coach Czes 09/24/2012

Pass down the line and cut to a transition spot. 5-on-5 Live Make or miss, transition to other end. 5-on-5 Live while team that was out goes 5-on-0. Important to get into 5-on-0 IMMEDIATELY. When 5-on-5 possession ends, coach yells "SCORE!" and the 5-on-0 team puts the ball in the basket and transitions to the other end. Continue and repeat. See More

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Basketball Play - Communication Drill: 2 Sprints, 2 Stunts, Live

Communication Drill: 2 Sprints, 2 Stunts, Live

Matt Wheeler 11/01/2018

This competitive defensive drill focuses on closeouts, sprinting to help, and stunting at the ball. To add a communication component to it, require the defenders to say "I Got Ball" on the closeouts and "Help" when they are in help. The defense must defend and communicate four passes perfectly then they can play live 2v2. On the first two passes, the defenders sprint to help/closeout. On the third and fourth pass the defenders stunt at the ball as it is driven at them, then sprint to closeout/help. Use defense scoring in this drill. If the defense gets a stop they get a point and they stay on defense against the next team. If the defense doesn't communicate, sprint to help, close out correctly or they get scored on, they immediately lose and go to the end of the line and the offensive team goes to defense. On the FMS blog: Building Communication With Your Team Building Communication on Defense Building Communication on Offense See More

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Basketball Play - 5 NBA Shooting Drills

5 NBA Shooting Drills

Michael Shaughnessy 09/12/2018

Here are 5 of my favorite shooting drills that I like to use in workouts with my players. They are challenging, competitive, and fun helping players become more efficient shooters. Try them out! Click here for more player development drills from Mike Shaughnessy Mike Shaughnessy x FastModel Sports - Twitter Takeover See More

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Basketball Play - Player Development: Star Shooting

Player Development: Star Shooting

Tony Miller 07/24/2018

Make this shooting drill competitive by adding a timed element or a score element (or both). We will often do "Best out of 5." You could also do "Best out of 10" and have the player go through the 5 spots twice. The drill also serves as a great conditioning drill. It's best to use a rebounder. Click for more #PlayerDevelopmentWeek content! See More

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Basketball Play - Zig Zag Alley

Zig Zag Alley

Rory Hamilton 03/28/2017

Drill Set-up: Split your team into groups of two and line them up on the baseline. A coach will be at the top of the key on the other end of the floor. The drill starts with defensive player handing the offensive player the ball and assuming a legal guarding position. The offensive player establishes triple threat and looks to beat the defensive player 1 on 1 in the alley (lane to sideline). The goal of the defensive player is to get the offense to change directions twice before half court. Once the offensive player reaches half court, he or she will pass to the coach at the top of the key. The defensive must sprint to the level of the ball and communicate "help". The offensive player continues to the wing and uses a V-cut or L-cut to get open on the wing. The coach then will pass the ball to the player on the wing and defense closes out according to your defensive principles. On a catch, the offensive player only has three dribbles and must stay on one side of the floor. When guarding the offensive player and finishing the drill, coaches make sure each shot is challenged and followed by a box-out. You can make this drill competitive and have punitive consequences based upon what your team needs. For example, if you are having difficulty challenging shots than make every shot not contested have a consequence. Find what your team needs and make it a priority in the drill. See More

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Basketball Play - 5 Guard 7 Shell

5 Guard 7 Shell

Rory Hamilton 08/03/2016

This is the last drill we do as a team to work on our team slides and communication. Defense is obviously at a disadvantage so they must have tremendous bounce, effort, and communication. Drill is live and offense tries to score but penetration can only come from the 4 corners of the floor. Block players are stationary and the elbow offensive player goes elbow to elbow. This is a competitive drill and we keep score of both points and offensive rebounds. By putting the defense at a disadvantage by guarding 7 players, we feel guarding 5 will be much easier. See More

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Basketball Play - Evansville Purple Aces

Evansville Purple Aces

Dana Beszczynski 02/29/2016

The Evansville Purple Aces play in the one of the most competitive Conferences in America the Missouri Valley Conference. Marty Simmons is the true greats in program history as a Purple Aces player and he now enters his 9th season at the helm of the program. In 2015, Simmons coached the Aces to a record of 24-12 and the CIT Championship. This Box Set has a little bit of everything in it and can be used to get a post-up for a strong 3 man, free up a shooter off the double stagger action, and also be used to get a FT line jumper or Hi / Lo. See More

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Basketball Play - 5 game like 3-point shots

5 game like 3-point shots

Marc Skelton 10/26/2015

A competitive shooting drill that allows shooters to compete against each other and to work on FIVE game like 3-point shots: 1) catch and shoot, 2)show-n-go, 3 )transition, 4) floppy, and 5) L-cut movements. Drill emphasizes being "shot ready" and proper footwork (the hop vs. 1-2 step). It is essential to track shooters. Bonus: if a shooter goes 5 for 5 he can go again immediately. See More

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Basketball Play - Ball Screen Lob (LOB for 4)

Ball Screen Lob (LOB for 4)

Kevin Noon 12/30/2014

This is a great play to run out of a time out, in transtion or as a quick hitter in the flow of the game. Designed mainly for a team with a strong pick and roll PG and an athletic 4 man. This play can be used to build some momentum in a competitive game. The first look is for 4 coming off the lob but it is important for 1 to attack off the ball screen and get in the lane. 5 will be sealing ball side block and 1 comes off the screen and should be looked at for a simple post feed. See More

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