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Basketball Play - Boston Celtics - Iverson Cross

Boston Celtics - Iverson Cross

KJ Smith 05/15/2018

The initial Iverson screen gets the passer open on the wing, while the other guard prepares to set a shuffle screen to the rim. Next a pindown is set for 3 as 1 sprints to the opposite corner to take their defender with them. 3 looks to attack with a spread ball screen if nothing develops. See More

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Basketball Play - Pinar Karsiyaka - Motion Weak Cross

Pinar Karsiyaka - Motion Weak Cross

Diccon Lloyd-Smeath 04/23/2018

Cross Screen option out of Pinar Karsiyaka Head Coach Aleksandar Trifununovic's iteration of Spurs "Motion Weak". Karsiyaka run this to get DJ Kennedy in the post but it can be used with a big. Karsiyaka will mask this entry by having the 5 start on the FT line and set back sreens before flashing for the reversal. Play can also end with an empty corner PNR instead of a post up. See More

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Basketball Play - St. Bonaventure - Elbow Flex Pindown

St. Bonaventure - Elbow Flex Pindown

Matt Wheeler 03/14/2018

St. Bonaventure ran this multiple action play to get a game tying dunk in the first half of their NCAA Tournament game against UCLA. The Bonnies started in an Elbow set and ran a flex action getting 1 the ball back up top. This isolated the left side of the floor for 4 to set the pindown screen for 2. Once 2 received the pass from 1, 4 slipped the screen and cut to the basket. 2 found him for a wide open dunk.. See More

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Basketball Play - Wisconsin - Swing Elevator

Wisconsin - Swing Elevator

Matt Wheeler 11/01/2017

Wisconsin ran this play late in the second half of their 2017 NCAA tournament game against Florida. Down 7 at the time, they were looking for a three point shot. The Badgers used misdireciton to set up the elevator screen by starting the play on one wing and swinging the ball to the opposite side of the floor. The ball movement caused the defense to shift and relax.1 then cut through the elevator screen from 4 & 5 to receive the pass from 2 and get an open shot. Blog Post: Offensive Actions Breakdown - Elevator Screens See More

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Basketball Play - CSKA Moscow - SLOB Spain

CSKA Moscow - SLOB Spain

Ryan Nguyen 10/19/2017

SLOB "Spain" pick-and-roll action from CSKA Moscow. The movement on the handoff from 3/2 and 4 clearing to the corner after the down screen forces the defense to shift. This flows into a "Spain" pick-and-roll action where the defense is out of position to defend the action from all the movement. See More

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Basketball Play - 21 Pistol Box Entry

21 Pistol Box Entry

Dave Nedbalek 07/05/2017

This is a disguised entry into 21. Defense is about positioning so getting any defense out of the position they are familar guarding an action out of automatically begins putting them to the test. This is only the entry into the 21 offense. If you have not seen that yet I recommend checking out my diagram of it here You can also run this action from the 1-4 High 21 Entry to combine two wrinkles to throw at the defense. See More

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