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Basketball Play - Utah Jazz - Horns Pistol Keep PNR

Utah Jazz - Horns Pistol Keep PNR

Tony Miller 06/11/2021

Watch the video below to see Coach Tony Miller use FastDraw, the #1 play diagramming program for basketball coaches, to break down this Utah Jazz set from head coach Quin Snyder which combines Pistol action with the always-popular Horns alignment. 4 fakes the DHO with 1 then uses 5’s screen to attack the paint, looking for a lob or pocket pass to 5. Send to FastDraw via the button above.รข?? Get FastDraw (new subscribers use code: SAVE10) More 76ers XsOs Follow Coach Miller on Twitter View Coach Miller's Playbank page for more plays & drills More FastDraw content from Coach Miller: SSGs for Player Development & Team Offense SSGs for Ball Screen Offense Brad Stevens Playbook Check out the latest coaching content from FMS See More

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Basketball Play - Swing - Meet Up - Reject

Swing - Meet Up - Reject

Randy Sherman 06/09/2021

An excerpt from our new Five-Out Package Playbook In this sequence, the opening is the SWING to Player 5. The passer then gets into a MEET UP with Player 2. Player 5 takes the ball to the action with the dribble. In this diagram, Player 2 REJECTS the MEET UP and the action flows into either a pass-and-follow DRAG ball screen or a FLIP (dribble handoff). From there the offense is into EURO. Frames 5 and 6 show how we can SWING and get into a MEET UP on the second side. See More

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Basketball Play - Phoenix Mercury - Spread Box BLOB

Phoenix Mercury - Spread Box BLOB

Todd Zasadil 06/02/2021

End of the shot clock baseline out of bounds (1 sec). Using shooters to space the floor, the Mercury forced 1 on 1 defense on the back screen for the post. Easy set for a catch and shoot end of the shot clock set for an athletic post. Check out the latest offers and promo codes for FastDraw below! *New customers use code SAVE10 for 10% OFF Draw/Scout* See More

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