3FTC Team Loose Ball Training - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Every Coach will tell you the importance of winning 50/50 balls. Most of us spend some time on rebounding technique but when it comes to loose balls we just expect our players to just "want it more than they do." While effort is a major part, this drill allows you to teach how to get more of those balls.


  • Basketball Play - 3FTC Team Loose Ball Training
  • Basketball Play - 3FTC Team Loose Ball Training
  • Players line up under basket. Place two cones on the FT line where only one player can fit through. Players start on whistle or verbal command. In this drill, We are not diving. We are only racing through the cones.



    The first two steps are crucial to winning. Teach players to get their inside arm (left for black team, right for white team) in front of their opponent. Even if the other player is faster, if you when position you win.


    In this frame Black 1 won and is first through the cones

  • In the frame we lengthened the distance of the "race" and added an incentive for not winning.


    In this frame White 1 won the race so Black 1 will continue to sprint to end line, defensive slide to the sideline then jog back