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Published 09/18/2015 by Cody Toppert Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

If the 1 kicks the ball up the sideline to the 2 we refer to this as pitch, simply because the 1 has pitched the ball ahead.  Depending on when the advance pass takes place and your general preference on principles.  The 5 can set a UCLA screen for the 1 who cuts through, the 1 can rub screen the 5 who sprints to the SPNR, the 1 can screen away or the 1 can simply cut through to space out, regardless of what you want 1-5 SPNR ensues and subsequently your second side philosophies kick in on a ball reversal.

  • Basketball Play - Pitch
  • Basketball Play - Pitch
  • If the 1 pitches the ball up the floor to the 2 in the strongside corner then Pitch action is initiated. The 1 then cuts through "rubbing" the 5 into a SPNR.

  • Flow game is then initated, thus if the 4 stays high in the slot we can look to squeeze, if the 4 stays in the dunker he looks to duck in and then set the SPNR on the ball reversal.