1-4 Set- Blue Devil - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Here is another play for our 1-4 High Set that we like to use and play a 2-man game on the strong side.  

  • Basketball Play - 1-4 Set- Blue Devil
  • Basketball Play - 1-4 Set- Blue Devil
  • Start in a 1-4 High Set.


    1 will pass the ball to the wing (2).


    5 will set the back screen for (1) to make an UCLA Cut.


    4 will drop to the weak-side block.

  • After setting the back screen for 1 the 5 will sprint to the wing and set a ball screen for 2.


    2 will use the ball screen and attack the strong side elbow.


    4 will duck in looking for a pass if his man helps on the roll.


    1 and 3 will fill up looking for the kickout.