Duke Horns Cross Screen - FastModel Sports

Published 04/22/2015 by Kevin Bruinsma Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

In the first Final Four game between Michigan State and Duke the Blue Devils ran this set successfully four straight times for baskets.  The action was very simple as the horns set had a big cross screen right into a ball screen.  Michigan State couldn’t guard this set in the first half and it led to Duke building a lead they would never lose.

  • Basketball Play - Duke Horns Cross Screen
  • Basketball Play - Duke Horns Cross Screen
  • Horns set. 2 moves up to wing and catches entry pass. 1 moves to opposite wing.

  • 5 sets cross screen for 4. 4 sets ball screen for 2. After 5 sets cross screen he dives to rim and seals. 2 uses ball screen, 4 pops.