Spurs STS Early Quick Hitter - FastModel Sports

Published 03/26/2015 by Timothy Hipps Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Some early offense that could easily be implemented at the high school level, especially if you have an kid who rebounds and slashes well.  The first option of course would be to let that player have one side of the court to attack early and often.

  • Basketball Play - Spurs STS Early Quick Hitter
  • Basketball Play - Spurs STS Early Quick Hitter
  • The ball handler and a post player fill the strong side, with the opposite corner, wing, and elbow filled by every one else.  The opposite wing comes off a double screen to screen from the point guard.  
  • Ballhander then utilizes another screen at the top of the key. Ballhandler's first option to attack, his second  is the pass to the roll man.  The roll man then has many options you'll see in the clip.