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About This Play/Drill

3/1 Live (Part of Motion Offense Forum Drill Progressions)

Objective: To use motion offense concepts to free the cutter for a basket.

In this drill there are two screeners and one cutter (2) in each offensive group. The cutter is defended by X2.

Diagrammed below are two of the nearly endless options that could come into play. There is now way to completely diagram all of the screens, cuts, reads and actions possible in this drill.

The screeners' objective is to free the cutter (2) for a basket using motion offense concepts and maintianing top-side-side alignment. This is live and competiive drill.

Drill Restrictions:

  • Only the cutter can score.
  • Offense must complete two passes BEFORE the cutter gets a touch. (This puts emphasis on second cutters!)
  • The score must come from the screening action, not one-on-one play

Competiive Ideas:

On a 12-player roster, divide your team into four three-player groups. Set 8:00 (or a time of your choosing) on the clock. If your cutter scores with screening action, that team gets a point and stays on offense. A defender comes from the next team to guard the groups cutter. If that defender can force a stop and get the rebound, his/her team rotates to offense and now has opportunity to score points. Track each team's points. 


  • Start the ball on the wing instead of the top of the circle.
  • Use shallow cuts to start the drill. 
  • Allow the offense to pass it to a coach at any time in the drill. can introduce staggers, baseline double, or dual screens to the drill.

Side note: Have an assitant coach the defender! The defender will literally encounter dozens of defensive stances, close outs, denials and scenarios in each possession.


  • Basketball Play - Motion Breakdowns - 3/1 Live
  • Basketball Play - Motion Breakdowns - 3/1 Live
  • Basketball Play - Motion Breakdowns - 3/1 Live
  • Basketball Play - Motion Breakdowns - 3/1 Live
  • Basketball Play - Motion Breakdowns - 3/1 Live
  • Basketball Play - Motion Breakdowns - 3/1 Live
  • Begin drill with "top-side-side" alignment with ball centered and wing players at or above the motion line.


    2 = Cutter

    1 & 3 = Screeners


    X2 is guarding the cutter

  • Possible Action:

    1 passes to 3


    2 walks the arc to set up their cut


    1 downscreens for 2


    X2 trails so 2 curls, 1 makes corresponding second cut and busts the arc


    3 passes to 1

  • After 3 passes to 1 he/she screens for 2


    1 passes to 2 for shot or drive or 2 holds it

  • Another possible action (they are nearly infinite):

    1 passes to 3 and basket cuts


    3 fills the top with the dribble


    1 fills left wing

  • 3 reverses to 1 then downscreens for 2


    1 begins to fill with the dribble then passes to 2 on the straight cut

  • 2 cannot get the shot so he/she holds while 1 & 3 repair top-side-side spacing


    2 passes to 3


    On flight of the pass 1 flare screens for 2