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About This Play/Drill

Coming out of halftime to start the 2nd half, the Albany Great Danes were down 9 to the Oklahoma Sooners in the 2nd round of the NCAA Tournament. Coach Will Brown called a Horns Backdoor set to start the half that would give one of their top scorers, Peter Hooley (#12) an easy scoring opportunity. Earlier in the 1st half, Albany ran numerous plays from the horns set, which you can tell by how the defender was expecting Hooley to come off the dribble handoff. Making a quick in game adjustment, Hooley sets the defender up for a backdoor and finishes the play. 

  • Basketball Play - Albany Horns Backdoor
  • Basketball Play - Albany Horns Backdoor
  • 1 makes and entry pass to 4

    1 and 5 cut towards 2 to set a double screen

  • As soon as 5 cuts towards 2, 4 dribbles towards 3

    3 makes a back door cut towards the basket

    4 hits 3 for the layup

    2 cuts to the top of the key as a safety