Albany Floppy Triple - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

After the 16-minute media timeout in the 2nd half, Albany was down 8, while coming up empty on the previous three possessions. They forced Oklahoma into a tough outside shot and after getting the defensive rebound; Coach Brown called a Floppy Triple set. As you can tell in the video, the play was designed to get Peter Hooley (#12) a shot. The defense was prepared to take away Hooley in the play, which left Ray Sanders (#1) wide-open coming off the screen. This is a great play to run in an After Time Out situation. You can give your two best shooters looks coming off screens. 

  • Basketball Play - Albany Floppy Triple
  • Basketball Play - Albany Floppy Triple
  • Basketball Play - Albany Floppy Triple
  • 1 dribble hands off to 2 and goes to the corner

    5 cuts to the strong side block

    3 cuts to the weak side block

    4 cuts to the weakside wing

  • 2 dribbles towards the top of the key

    1 comes off a triple staggered screen from 5, 3, & 4

    2 hits 1 for the jumper (Option 1)

  • As soon as 1 comes off the screen from 3, 5 turns and sets a screen for 3

    If 1 is not open, 2 hits 3 for the jumper (Option 2)