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About This Play/Drill

The Kansas Jayhawks used this play to start the game against New Mexico State's zone defense. The play starts with the Jayhawks in an overload on the right side of the floor. Mason (1) passes to Seldon (3) away from the overload. Ellis (4) moves towards Seldon as if he is going to set a screen. Instead, Seldon passes back to Mason and Lucas (5) screens the middle man of the zone. Ellis curls around the screen and gets the pass from Mason for a lay-up. 

  • Basketball Play - Jayhawk Zone Cross
  • Basketball Play - Jayhawk Zone Cross
  • 1 passes to 3 away from the overload.


    4 (Ellis) moves to the elbow near 3.

  • 3 passes back to 1.


    5 sets a cross-screen for 4 against the middle zone defender.


    1 passes to 4 for a lay-up.