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About This Play/Drill

Here are two isolation options for when you need 2 points at the end of a game or if you have a dominant player that you want to get into isolation. These plays come from Coastal Carolina head coach Cliff Ellis. Ellis has won over 600 games in his career and has been at several programs in the southeast. This year, his Chanticleers are 24-9 and will face up against #1 seed Wisconsin in Omaha on Friday. In the first option, Ellis gets his 2-guard open with a down screen and a dribble across the floor by his point guard. The goal is to get his guard the ball around the free-throw line or elbow. Once 2 has the ball, he faces up and lets 5 clear out to the corner. 2 looks to drive to the basket. In the second option, Ellis gets his 4 man the ball with a simple down screen out of the horns set. The point guard dribbles over towards the right wing and passes to 4. Once 4 has the ball around the top of the key, 5 clears out and lets 4 take his man 1 on 1 to the basket. This play works well if you have a slower defender on either player. In addition, if the other defenders help on the penetration, you will have a good luck at a kick-out for a 3-point shot. 

  • Basketball Play - Iso Options
  • Basketball Play - Iso Options
  • Basketball Play - Iso Options
  • Basketball Play - Iso Options
  • 1 dribbles across the floor as 5 sets a down screen for 2.


    2 cuts to the opposite elbow off of the screen and receives the pass from 1.

  • 5 clears out to the corner.


    2 now has the entire lane to make a play.

  • In this horns option, 5 steps over to set a screen for 4.


    1 dribbles to the wing and then passes to 4 at the top of the key.

  • 5 clears out to the wing, and 4 now has the entire lane to make a play.