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Published 11/27/2013 by Dana Beszczynski Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

The Wisconsin Badgers ran this BLOB play in their match-up against the Florida Gators on Tuesday night.

It comes out of a 1-4 low set-up

The guards begin by crossing trying to catch the defense in a "switch" situation which would possibly open up a quick hit inbounds pass on the weak side.  If this doesn't happen, the 5 man sets a screen on the 2 who pops looking to catch & shoot if open.

When the catch & shoot pass is not free, the Badgers utilize the SPNP as 5 pops to the corner off the ball screen looking to catch & shoot the 3 pt shot in the corner.

The Badgers are such a disciplined team and execute their sets with great precision.

  • Basketball Play - Badger 1-4 BLOB Low
  • Basketball Play - Badger 1-4 BLOB Low
  • Dekker 15 (SF) cuts hard to the weak side block for a quick pass possibility


    Kaminsky 44 (C) moves in and sets a screen for Brust 1 (SG) who comes off looking for the shot if open


    Kaminsky 44 (C) quickly turns to screen x1

  • Brust 1 (SG) comes off the SPNP from Kaminsky 44 (C) and quickly throws back to Kaminsky 44 (C) in the corner for the wide open 3 pt shot