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About This Play/Drill

The University of Virginia ran this 1-4 BLOB action against VCU.

With the flex screen, the play has a quick hitting action to it off the inbounds pass and the pin down screen-the-screener action gives the shooter a chance to get off an open shot if the defense miscommunicates on the flex cut

Here, the PG does a good job reading the defender and gets into the lane off the dribble.

  • Basketball Play - Virginia BLOB 1-4 Low
  • Basketball Play - Virginia BLOB 1-4 Low
  • Virginia BLOB 1-4 Low vs M2M


    Mitchell 25 (C) pushes his man into the paint and then pops out hard to the top of the key for the inbounds pass


    Anderson 1 (PG) pops out and receives the pass from Mitchell 25 (C)


    Harris 12 (SG) lifts to the wing

  • Virginia BLOB 1-4 Low vs M2M


    Brogdon 15 (SF) sets the flex screen for Gill 13 (PF) who cuts into the paint looking for quick hit pass and lay-up


    Mitchell 25 (C) screens-the-screener in a pin down action looking to free Boddon 15 (SF) on the wing


    Anderson 1 (PG) does a good job recognizing his defender and attacks the paint on the dribble