Side Quick Twist - FastModel Sports

Published 11/09/2013 by Kyle Gilreath Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Last night I tweeted that Doc Rivers is one of the greatest ATO coaches of all time; this play is a big reason why. He drew up this play during a timeout late in the 4th quarter versus the Miami Heat. This play is so effective, yet very simple to run and provides multiple scoring opportunities. As 1 (CP3) received the dribble hand-off from 4 (Griffin), he has 3 main options:

1. Pull-up jumper or attack the rim
2. Drive and force X3 to help and kick out to 3 for a catch & shoot
3. Drive and look to kick out to 2 in the corner if X2 rotates to the lane.

  • Basketball Play - Side Quick Twist

3 sprints off a screen from 4, 4 flashed to the ball as 2 inbounded to 4. 2 cuts overtop of 4, 1 fakes the flare from 5 and uses the screen from 2. 4/2 dribble hand-off as 5 flares 2.