4 Red Drill - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

In this diagram and embedded video we look at a drill for fundamentals and conditioning. The offense is not allowed to shoot, and must possess the ball for 3 minutes total. Every turnover, they run a conditioning penalty. It can be a grueling drill, but teaches maximum ball security.

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  • Basketball Play - 4 Red Drill

Five on five drill with the ball starting in the half court circle.


Offense - Has unlimited dribbles. Screening and cutting are permitted.


Defense - Complete denial with their job being to make the offense turn the ball over. There is no fouls and they are encouraged to hold and grab to promote toughness.


It is one team against everyone else. The offense cannot shoot the ball and should follow "Motion High & Wide" principles. They must run three minutes off the clock. Every time they commit a turnover, they have to run an eight sidelines in 30seconds, and they clock picks back up where it left off.


Towards the end of the drill the coaching staff can throw a 6th defender into the mix to make the drill even more challenging



-Get down hill with your dribble to the middle

-Pivot through the pressure

-Power position

-Pass away from the defense

-Hard COP and COD cuts

-Catch with two hands on two feet

-Use permanent pivot