Circle Motion Set (Curl-Curl-Pop) - FastModel Sports

Published 12/09/2021 by Matt Hackenberg Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

#CircleMotionTips is a series of videos on YouTube to look at some of the details of the Circle Motion Offense. To understand the offense on a basic level, refer to this link (

In this video we look closely at a set play or alternate cutting series in the Circle Motion. This action involves two cutters going to rim, and one popping back to the perimeter. I wrote an in-depth, 30 page document outlining everything to do with the offense, mostly to help me understand the offense with more clarity. It is available on Sellfy here: and check out my other content in the store!

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  • Basketball Play - Circle Motion Set (Curl-Curl-Pop)
  • Basketball Play - Circle Motion Set (Curl-Curl-Pop)
  • 5 out alignment, enter to a wing
  • Break off from the normal pattern of the Circle Motion to a curl, curl, pop variation of the offense