1-2-2 Zone Offense: Stagger Slip - FastModel Sports

Published 11/24/2021 by Matt Hackenberg Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

This is a zone set using a 1-2-2 alignment. I love the play because if nothing materializes, you are left with a 1-3-1 alignment that plays well against most zones. The ball is entered to the wing, and the wing uses a drag dribble down the sideline to shift the defense. The ball is returned to 1 who dribbles to the other side of the court while reading the defense. The action is a stagger screen with a slip into the middle of the defense. Our primary look is the slip to the middle, but we would take the stagger if the defense didn't cover it. Getting the slip in the middle opens up many options for the offense - shot, kick down, kick out.

  • Basketball Play - 1-2-2 Zone Offense: Stagger Slip
  • Basketball Play - 1-2-2 Zone Offense: Stagger Slip
  • 1-2-2 Alignment

    Enter wing, drag dribble

  • Swing back to 1

    Read double screen/slip action while dribbling