35 Flex Back Low - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

This FastDraw Post Up from the National High School Basketball Coaches Association (NHSBCA) uses a Flex screen and re-screen to free up a shooter. The NHSBCA is an alliance among the leaders of State Basketball Coaches Associations, linking their respective Associations in an effort to provide a national voice for high school basketball coaches. Follow @NHSBCA on Twitter.

  • Basketball Play - 35 Flex Back Low
  • Basketball Play - 35 Flex Back Low
  • 1 makes guard-to-guard pass to 2 and cuts to right elbow. 5 sets flex screen for 3. 2 can hit 3 if open.

  • If 3 is not open, 1 pops back out to receive pass from 2 while 5 re-screens for 3 to wing. 5 seals in post looking for post feed if 3 does not have a shot.