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About This Play/Drill

The Semifinal game between Canada and Czech Republic was a thriller with Canada making a furious comeback to send the game into overtime. Canada's head coach, Nick Nurse, drew up this play to hopefully send them to a second overtime. As soon as 3 gets the ball from the referee they throw it to 5. 1, 2 and 5 hold their spots until the ball is halfway there. Then 5 pops out and 1 and 2 squeeze together to screen for him. This works because the weakside defenders are locked in on their man and aren't seeing the ball as it is passed. Once the screen happens the ball arrives and Canada was able to get a good look at a shot.

Video clip below. Canada is the #21 team in the FIBA World Rankings.

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  • Basketball Play - Canada - EOG Squeeze SLOB

As soon as the ref hands 3 the ball, 3 passes to 5.

1 & 2 squeeze together to screen for 5 once the ball is halfway there.