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Published 05/19/2021 by Aaron Schuck Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

The Russian Women's National Team is ranked 12th in the FIBA world rankings. I think what makes them dangerous is how they play fast in the half court. They make quick decisions and react quickly based on what the defense is doing. Here is a 1-4 high set where they look to throw over the top to a cutter off a back screen or hit the second cutter for an open 3.

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  • Basketball Play - Russia WBB - 14 Back Screen
  • Basketball Play - Russia WBB - 14 Back Screen
  • Russia Women's National Team


    1-4 High Set

    1 pushes 2 to the block with dribble

    5 steps and gets pass from 1

    3 cuts off 4 screen

  • 2 back screens for 5