Shell Defense Drill - FastModel Sports

Published 08/11/2021 by Charlie Wallrapp Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

A drill to introduce the base concepts of your defense. 

  • Basketball Play - Shell Defense Drill
  • There are multiple rules that you can have in shell. Here are some ones that we have used:
    1. Passing and cutting - no screens of any kind.
    2. Off-ball screens allowed.
    3. All types of screens allowed.
    4. 2 or 3 stops in a row to get out.
    5. No paint touches allowed.
    6. No offensive rebounds allowed.
    7. Get a stop in 30 total seconds. Shot clock pauses after every stop. If the offense scores, the shot clock resets to 30.
    8. Perfect stops - cannot make any sort of mistake.