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About This Play/Drill

Today's FastDraw Drill of the Day is a great drill to teach your players how to beat a zone.

  • Basketball Play - Drill of the Day 08-19-2011: House Drill
  • Basketball Play - Drill of the Day 08-19-2011: House Drill
  • GREAT drill to get your team to understand the importance of "protecting your house", limiting touches in the paint, helping and recovering while also taking charges....and, watch how hard your offense drives to the hoop!!


    45 seconds on the clock; offense must remain stationary unless they are driving with the ball. Defense is set up in proper positioning.


    Offense wants to get TWO feet fully in the paint to earn 1 point. Once they get two feet in the paint, they dish it to their teammate who immediately dribbles hard to get their feet in the paint. No shots are taken; the goal is to drive hard to get two feet in the paint.


    Defense earns 2 points for taking a charge. If the ball is deflected or stolen, it is given back to the offense who must "clear" it at half-court. Clock runs continuously for 45 seconds.


    After 45 seconds, offense/defense switches or rotates depending on how many players you have.

  • 1 starts with the ball; 45 seconds are on the clock. 1 beats his defender and x3 comes to help; 1 kicks to 3 who, because their defender went over to help, has an open lane to the hoop. x4 must step in to help...and the domino effect begins!


    If the x3 rotates properly, x1 should execute an escape dribble and look to pass or skip to an open teammate. Defense does not need to intercept or tip these "rotation passes" since offense can't move without the ball..


    Your team will be very bad at this at first! It is not uncommong for offense to get 8-11 points when first learning this drill.


    Eventually, defense will get the hang of measuring their angles on the help and recovering to an area and not their man...and, hopefully, taking some charges!


    Offense will learn how to ATTACK the hoop with a purpose, dribble through contact, and improve their drive/kick skills.