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About This Play/Drill

Team USA used multiple strategies to try to combat the zone defense that Turkey played throughout most of their World Cup game. In this play the two ball screens resulted in Kemba Walker (1) being matched up against a post player in the middle of Turkey's zone. On the first ball screen from 4, x1 fought through the screen to get back matched up with 1. 4 cut to the wing to occupy x2 and keep him from providing help on the second screen. When 1 dribbled off the screen from 5 to the middle of the floor, he was able to attack x5 one on one fand use his quickness advantage to get a basket.

See video clip below.


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  • Basketball Play - Team USA - PNR Twist vs Zone
  • Basketball Play - Team USA - PNR Twist vs Zone
  • 1 dribbles off the ball screen from 4.

    4 cuts to the opposite wing to occupy x2.

  • 5 sprints into a ball screen with 1.

    1 attacks x5 as 5 rolls to the basket.