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Crunch Series: Rub - FastModel Sports

Published 06/18/2019 by Dymetrius Ware Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Another play form our Crunch series, this set has multiple options to score out of. First look is for a quick 2pt, back to the 1 off the staggered screeen.

  • Basketball Play - Crunch Series: Rub
  • Basketball Play - Crunch Series: Rub
  • Basketball Play - Crunch Series: Rub
  • Basketball Play - Crunch Series: Rub
  • 1 will pass to the 5 at the elbow. 2 and 4 will set backs screen for 1 cutting to the rim. 3 pop out to the wing.

  • 5 first look is back to 1 for a quick lay up. The second options, is a pass to 4 after a flare screen has been set for 2.

  • 5 will swing to 4 and 4 will skip pass back to 2 who is on the wing . 1 set a shuffle screen for 5

  • 2 has to pass to 5 at block or 1 coming off a down screen from 4. 2 has multiple options looking into the low post, or the 4 at the top of the key.