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About This Play/Drill

To open the 4th quarter in their game against Oregon, the Indiana women's team ran this set to create an isolation off a flare screen for its best shooter. Simple misdirection and creation of an overload stretched the Ducks' defense, resulting in a small advantage gained and used. 

  • Basketball Play - Indiana Hoosiers (NCAAW) - DHO Flare ATO
  • Basketball Play - Indiana Hoosiers (NCAAW) - DHO Flare ATO
  • 1 dribbles across half court and initiates a DHO with 2 on the right wing.


    3 pops from the elbow to the slot on the handoff to receive the reversal from 2.

  • As 1 clears below 5, 5 races up to set flare screen for 2 at the slot.


    2 catches and looks to play the advantage off the pass from 3.


    5 pops to space for the kick back from 2 on the drive.