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About This Play/Drill

Louisville made a last ditch effort to get back into their game against Minnesota in the first round of the NCAA tournament with this play designed to get an open three-point shot. 5 comes off of the screen from 4 acting like he is going to set a ball screen. 5 then turns and sets a down screen for 3. 1 has the option to take the shot or pass it to 3 for a look at a three.

  • Basketball Play - Louisviile Cardinals - Veer Pindown
  • Basketball Play - Louisviile Cardinals - Veer Pindown
  • 4 screens for 5.

    3 screens for 2.

    2 rejects the screen and cuts to the opposite corner.

  • 5 turns and screens for 3.

    1 can shoot or pass to 3 for a shot.